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Are you facing trouble in deciding how to decorate your windows this Christmas? Read on to know some simple ways for Christmas window decoration.

Christmas Window Decoration

Christmas decoration at home is said to be complete only when each and every part of the house is touched upon. Windows are often neglected considering it as an out-of-view part. However, the truth is that decorating windows is as much important as the main room itself. A well-planned window decoration can add significantly to the Christmas décor of the entire home. Window decoration reflects not only the artistic but also the creative spirit of the host. Windows can be conveniently embellished with both readymade as well as homemade materials. Window decoration is much more complicated than any other part of the room owing to its size and position. We bring you some handy tips to decorate windows for Christmas.

How To Decorate Windows For Christmas
  • You can decorate the windows using the electric candle, which has the lighted bulb as its flame. This is quite a safer way to light the windows rather than the original lighted candle, which has threat of causing fire in the curtains and surrounding clothes. Moreover, you get the electric bulbs in a variety of colors like white, red, or even blue bulb.
  • Curtains play an integral role in improving the look of the windows. Use colorful curtain, which go well with your Christmas theme and hold them back, using cherry tiebacks. You can hang bells from the curtain rod and tie one end of the ribbon through the top of the bell to make a bow. Christmas swag can also be a good option for decorating the window along the curtain.
  • Holly can make up excellent decorative items for windows. You can hang them from the windows to see a whole change in the entire look of the windows. They look beautiful with green prickly leaves and red berries.
  • You can also wrap a window (the less used one) with attractive gift paper. Then make some Christmas designs on it. You can also paste a small Santa Claus or snowman dummy on the wrap paper to create a Christmas atmosphere.
  • You can create a natural greenery look to your windows. Place some small flowering plants and creepers near your window to find an enchanting sight.
  • You can create a marble effect on your windows using colored bottles. Take some bottles of various sizes and pour different colors of the acrylic paint in these bottles. Place the bottles close to each other along the bottom of the window and see the grand look it gives to the window.
  • Tinsels are other impressive stuffs, which can be skillfully used for decorating the windows. You can be as creative as possible for decorating the windows with tinsels. You can hang these on the windows or spread at the bottom of the window or even make different shapes out of it and put it in any way as you like. You can even curl these to make garlands and then paste them across the windows.
  • You can hang snowflake ornaments on the windows in any pattern which you like. Make sure you put some red berries in between two snowflakes to produce a wonderful colorful combination on the window.
  • Christmas chimes can be conveniently bought from any craft store and hung on the windows. You can hang Christmas bells from the rods of the window. You can either use bells of similar size or of various sizes. If you are having snow decorations as your Christmas theme, spray snow on the bells and get the desired impact.
  • You can spray canned snow on the windowpane from top to the bottom to create an elegant frosty look. To give a sparkly effect to the snow, place a string of white Christmas lights behind and underneath the snow.
  • Another convenient method of decorating the window is by painting Christmas subjects on the windowpanes. You can paint images on a white background. Use attractive Christmas colors like red, green, blue etc for the drawings, which will set the mood of the festival.
  • You can get a wide range of inexpensive stickers with Christmas images like candy cane, stocking, wreath, snowflake, Christmas tree etc. Paste these on the windowpane in a pattern of your choice and see your window decorated fashionably.
  • You can also hang miniature wreaths from your windowsill. You can use a variety of wreaths like grapevine, eucalyptus, and lemon and many others.
  • You can hang a number of Christmas stars on the windows. You get stars of various size and designs in the market. You can even make some of them at your home in no time. One of the easiest ways to make the stars is by using glue, food color, and waxed paper. Add few drops of food coloring to white glue taken in a container. Now pour the glue into a squeeze bottle or icing-piping bag. Take waxed paper and draw the border of simple stars of various sizes on it. Now pipe the glue onto the paper carefully on the drawn outline. Let the glue dry thoroughly on the waxed paper. Peel off the glue from the paper and hang on the window using red ribbon.