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Making Christmas Wreaths at homes is one of the most popular and easy Christmas crafts. Advent wreaths are often used as a part of holiday decoration, depending on your ideas on color and chosen style.

Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths symbolize the rejuvenation of life after winters. Ancient Romans used to hang decorative wreaths on doors as a sign of victory. Today, wreaths are a popular decoration item especially on holidays. The use of Advent wreath first started from German folk people who used to gather evergreen wreaths and lighted fires in cold December nights in the hope of Spring to come back. Even when Christianity became popular in these regions, these traditions survived, and by 16th century, all the Christians used Advent wreaths as a symbol of Christ, the everlasting Light. The tradition traveled from Germany to whole of Europe and then spread across the entire world.

Traditionally, these Advent wreaths had four candles embedded in a circle of evergreens, out of which three used to be violet and one was of rose color. In the first week of the Advent, one candle is lighted each evening before the evening meal, in the second week, two candles are lighted each day, in the third week, three candles are lighted and so on until December 25th. A short prayer accompanies the lighting of each candle. The last candle or the middle one represents the Christ and is lighted on Christmas Eve representing the birth of Jesus Christ. Wreaths, today, are one of the most popular Christmas crafts, often used as decorative items like Christmas lights. They indeed add warmth, style and color to the Christmas holiday decoration.Christmas Wreaths