World Of Christmas
Make your festival this year absolutely dazzling and gorgeous with the tips and guidelines for Christmas Light Decorations.

Christmas Light Decorations

Christmas is one occasion when the entire world is decorated with brightly colored and twinkling lights. Every lane you go, every home you see, innumerous Christmas lights illuminate your vision. Xmas lights are, in fact, regarded as the most important décors as they represent the true spirit of the season. The most popular among these are the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Although modern patterns and designs are widely available in any local stores, these old-fashioned bulbs are still a favorite among the masses.

The first use of electric lights during Christmas was made by Edward H Johnson who was an associate of the famous inventor, Thomas Edison. He made use of electric lights to decorate his Christmas tree. Subsequently, more and more people started using these lights to decorate their homes during Christmas and finally, over a period of time, strings of Xmas lights found their way inside the homes of every Christian family. In modern times, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Christmas lights are increasingly gaining popularity because of their longevity and low maintenance. Moreover, they also come in different patterns and designs. Another amusing and creative way to light up the festival are the bubble lights, which are, sealed glass tubes with a bubbling liquid inside.

How To Decorate With Christmas Lights
  • First of all decide on a theme for decorating your house this year. If you want to opt for styles that are more religious then you can go for spiritual decors. However, if a modern theme is your take, then you can settle for the fashionable and stylish ones.
  • Once the theme is decided, concentrate on the color combinations. Choose red, green and copper lights if you want to go the traditional way. Blue and green lights look very beautiful if you want a sober arrangement.
  • All the lights should be then carefully examined for any breaches or fuse. This is very important as breach can even cause a fire.
  • While decorating the Christmas tree, look for the kind of tree involved. If it is a deciduous tree, a three-color combination lighting pattern is used whereas coniferous trees look good with a five-color combination light system.
  • Try to be original and look for new and exciting ideas to decorate with Christmas lights this year. Even a small space can look very impressive if you decorate and arrange the space in the right way. You can use exquisite ice-lights on the roof, lighted fairies on top of the Christmas tree and beautiful spiral lights to wind around the banisters and the railings.
  • Another important aspect of lighting is the electrical outlets or sockets which are the major source of power. They should be properly checked and examined. Garage outlets are the best options if you are concentration on outdoor lightings.
  • Always remember that less is more beautiful. So, instead of scattering the lights all over, set them up neatly over the tree or the window. You can also use suction cups with hooks to keep the lights up over the window.
  • And last but not the least, keep energy conservation in mind. So, what are you waiting for? String up the lights and let this Christmas brighten up your life and the lives of all the people that you love and care.