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Here is a method to make a beautiful candle table centerpiece at home by just using colorful candles. Easy Christmas Centerpieces using candlesticks are nice to look at too.

Candlestick Centerpiece

Candles are amongst the most preferred and attractive Christmas decorative items for many reasons. The light of the candle signifies happiness, warmth, hope, celebration and renewal, which all are an integral part of the festive season. Its light brings in cheer when winter knocks at the door and provides warmth when the days are short and cold. Candles look very attractive and they provide a certain old world charm to the entire setting. A candle centerpiece is the best way to complement the merriment and celebration of Christmas. There are various styles in which you can make attractive centerpieces, using only candleholders, designer candles, decorative items and a little bit of imagination on centerpiece arrangement. No doubt, an exquisite centerpiece will never fail to grabs the attention of everyone. In this article we are providing you with various ideas for Christmas centerpieces so that on this day you can add a certain elegant charm to your home. Just read on!

Easy Christmas Centerpieces
  • Stunning Christmas centerpieces can be made by placing red tea-light candles in floating tea-light candleholders and then keeping them in a large designer glass bowl or platter. Add red crystal gems or water balls and some red roses to it.
  • Take a vase, wrap a large red leaf or paper around it and tie a rubber band on it. Cover the rubber band with decorative lace, ribbon or thread. Place the small scented candles inside the floating candleholder and then place it in a big crackle glass filled with water. Decorate the centerpiece by putting some flower petals around it.
  • Take a cylindrical vase, put a green leaf on its wall from inside and then put some pebbles and fill it with water. Now place a Christmas advent taper candle in the center of the vase and here is your lovely Christmas centerpiece.
  • Buy old fashioned taper or dinner candles, put them in an elegant and ancient candleholder and place it on the table. Around the candleholder keep two to three mini-Christmas trees decorated with lovely and attractive balls, bells, berries, ribbons and small soft toys. Put red and white rose petals around both the candlestick centerpiece and mini Christmas trees.
Beautiful Candle Table Centerpiece
  • Take a glass wedge bowl candleholder and put crushed decorative glass in it. Place a fall heather candle ring on top of the decorative glass and then put a pillar candle in the center of it. Here is your simple and attractive candle table centerpiece.
  • Simple candle table centerpieces can be made more striking with a little imagination. Take a cylindrical bowl, cut oranges into slices and place them on the wall of the bowl from the inside and put some transparent water balls. Take three scented candles, place them into votive candleholders and then keep them in the center of the bowl.
  • Take a big round mirror and stick some golden and silver crystal on the reflecting surface. Then place square glass votive cups with candles on the mirror. This will give your table a sparkling and magnificent look.
  • Take a pedestal votive cup clear candleholder, put some red color crystals and place a fall leave on the wall of the candleholder from inside. Now fill it with water and place a red color floating candle in it.
  • Take a large glass bowl or platter, fill it with artificial snow and place red color poinsettia candles and green-color scented leaf candles in it. This will give a perfect look of Christmas celebration.