World Of Christmas
Flowers are beautiful and are most commonly used as centerpieces. But this Christmas try a different approach for decorating your table using edible centerpieces.

Edible Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas season is about celebrating and sharing with family and friends. The best way to celebrate Christmas is by organizing Christmas dinner party. It's really fun to enjoy each other's company and share delicious Christmas food. While most of the attention will be towards food but the other prime focal point of table will be towards Christmas centerpiece. Decorating your table with Christmas centerpieces are creative, amazing and they surely delight your guests and act as feast for the eyes. Edible centerpieces can be both functional and decorative. Christmas centerpieces are often decorated with the items associated with the season. Choose something that reflects your personality or if you have a Christmas dinner or party theme, you can make a centerpiece that sets the tone for that. Colored foods such as the golden brown turkey, the red of the cranberries, the orange of the turnip sets the tone and atmosphere of Christmas. Be creative and make an edible centerpiece for your buffet table. Use the following ideas to create amazing edible centerpieces and make your Christmas more colorful and decorative.

Edible Centerpieces For Christmas
  • Attractive Christmas centerpiece can be made from winterberries in a vase or bowl or else you can place in a little basket set on the pine. Sprigs of the same evergreen can be added with the winter berries, especially if you use a little basket.
  • Take a large bowl or platter and place some shiny red and green apples, oranges, mixed nuts in the bowl. Surround bowl or platter with Christmas tree greens and place it at the centre of your dinner table.
  • Fill a large glass bowl with raw cranberries, acorns, and pine cones. Place numerous candles around or on either side of the bowl, and light them just before serving dinner. The candles will create beautiful reflections in the glass of the bowl. This form a simple, but beautiful centerpiece.
  • Take a large decorative bowl and add some candies and place it on your buffet table. As it is Christmas time you can choose red, green, golden or silver colored wrappings for candies or else stick to your color theme. Cherry chocolate kisses or chocolate covered cherries or strawberries could be used. You could also use chocolate covered marshmallows or star chocolates. Whatever type of Christmas candy your family likes will be the best to use. These centerpieces are especially loved by kids. And Make sure there are enough candies for everyone.
  • A cake can easily be made into an attractive centerpiece simply by placing it on a stilted cake stand. If the cake is decorated in a Christmas theme its better. But even a simply frosted cake can be turned into an elegant centerpiece with the simple addition of an elegant ribbon tied around its stand. These make wonderful Christmas table centerpieces.
  • Fill the plate around the bowl with cream puffs, brownies, truffles and other small desserts. Then fill the bowl with freshly cut fruit pieces, like pineapple, melon, grapes, cherries, or strawberries. Make sure both the plate and bowl are overflowing with food so that it looks like a very decadent creation. This will be the most favorite and yummy centerpiece.
  • True chocolate lovers will especially enjoy a centerpiece created by using strawberries dipped in chocolate. Place the dipped strawberries onto a skewer and fasten the skewer into a Styrofoam tower. Another amazing idea for a centerpiece is to dip strawberries in different colored chocolate and then place the strawberries on a platter.