World Of Christmas
It is necessary that you decorate your lawn along with your home so as to get a complete Christmas look. Read on to find information about Christmas lawn decoration.

Christmas Lawn Decoration

You may have decorated your home in the most artistic manner, but when it comes to lawn decoration, you are sure to feel the pressure. This is because you know the lawn will be seen and commented not only by your invitees but almost by everyone who passes by your home. Besides, the lawn represents your home as a whole and is a reflection of your interior decoration as well. The lawn decoration may prove tedious to you as it is comparatively a larger space than your home and also an open space. But you will be extremely elated to see the end result and find it worth your hard effort. To assist you with your lawn decoration, we present you some tips, which will prove helpful to you.

Tips For Decorating Lawn For Christmas

Lighting is the most convenient and impressive way of decorating your lawn. Use strings of tiny rice bulbs to adorn the hedges and bushes in your lawn. You can arrange lights in a circular fashion around the small shrubs in your garden. You can make a choice between the blinking and non-blinking lights as well as the mono and multi-colored lights. For big trees use larger LED lightings which scatters a distinct color. You can also go for dazzling outdoor lights to decorate your lawn. Red bows look attractive on bare branches. Put some silver or gold garlands studded with lights to have an extra effect. You can arrange for a string of outdoor lights along the edges of the sidewalks. If you can spend little more, you can go for the motion lights, which are highly impressive.

You can use Christmas inflatables to decorate your lawn. These inflatables come in varied Christmas classic figures like Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, snow globes, snowman, nutcracker dolls, and many others. Since these are kept outside the home, the nylon inflatables are the most preferable since these are resistant to the extreme temperatures. Even the popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Frosty and Charlie Brown, Donald Duck etc also make up wonderful Christmas lawn decoration items.

Decorative Items
You get various small statues of Christmas figures widely available in the store. Get some of them and place in the lawn. You also get framed representations of several Christmas scenes in motion with twinkling lights like Santa riding on his sleigh, jolly snowman and others. You can decorate the lawn with plastic and wooden figures like angels, reindeer etc. Take care that you do not stuff more of these statues in the lawn, which will make the entire lawn look over-stuffed and messy.

Lawn Decoration Guidelines
  • Before Christmas, trim the lawn and clean off the weeds and dead leaves. A clean lawn easily arrests the attention of the visitors and makes your entire Christmas decoration look grand. Arrange the pots with various flowering plants in the lawn in a regular pattern to add to the total effect.
  • Creating a misty environment can be a wonderful idea to decorate your lawn. If you do not get snowfall in your area, use faux snow to get that snow-effect.
  • Do not use too much of decorations. Keep it simple and elegant rather than making it messy and clumsy. Too many statues, inflatables, and lightings will destroy the clarity of your lawn. Use these in decisive proportion.
  • While planning the decoration for your lawn, keep the size of your lawn in mind. Arrange for the decorative things, which fit well into the available space. Also, make sure that the smallest details of the decoration are visible and can be conveniently made out from others.
  • Decorate your lawn keeping the durability factor as a priority. Your lawn is exposed to the weather outside; so decorate in such a way it is resistant to harsh weather.
  • Plan your lawn decoration as per your interior ones. Set up a theme and organize the decoration accordingly. If you are thinking of a traditional or modern theme, your decoration should go well hand-in-hand.