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Christmas Tree is probably as important as the Christmas Holiday. Find some interesting and useful info on Christmas/ Xmas Tree history & traditions.

Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeOne of the most awaited Christmas decor items, especially by kids, is undoubtedly the magical looking Christmas tree. It is said that Christmas tree was included in the celebrations ever since humans observed these evergreen trees glistening in the moonlit sky on a clear night sparkling against the backdrop of white snow. One of the most import Christmas symbols for centuries, Christmas trees were used in many pagan festivals to honor their gods and spirits. Vikings in North Europe considered these evergreen trees a reminder of the Spring that is about to approach and that the Winter will end soon. In ancient England and France, Druids used to honor God of harvests by decorating oak trees with fruit and candles, just as Romans adorned trees with trinkets and candles on Saturnalia.

It is said that the German Christians were the first to bring the trees into their homes to decorate or use a Christmas pyramid made of wood in areas where there was a scarcity of trees. Soon, whole Europe caught up with the trend and the English Royalty popularized it among the elite. Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, decorated the first Christmas tree. They had then used candles, candies, fruits, and gingerbread. Christmas tree came to America with the German immigrants and was accepted by the general public only in the late 1800s. At the time of the first public display of a Christmas tree by German settlers in Pennsylvania, it was considered a symbol of pagans. Till then, apples, nuts, cookies, candies, colored popcorn and candles were the popular Christmas tree ornaments.

In the early 20th century, electricity brought a revolution in Christmas tree decoration. Electrical Christmas lights grew more and more popular every year and now most communities throughout the US feature public displays of Christmas trees. The President of the United States now lights the National Christmas Tree every year in Washington as an indication of the beginning of Christmas celebrations. The huge lighted tree at Rockfeller Center in New York is quite a spectacle and skaters spinning beneath it look like angels. Christmas Tree has now gained popularity all over the world and choosing the right Christmas tree and its ornaments, placing gifts beneath it and opening them at midnight is all now part and parcel of Christmas fun and revelry.

Artificial Christmas Trees
Artificial Christmas trees should be carefully chosen as they last for 15 years or more. The height of the roof of the room and its floor area where the tree is to be placed should be kept in mind to determine the height of the tree

Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ornaments are anything that you can decorate your tree with. You may use anything creatively to make your tree look merrier and more cheery such as small teddies, dolls, toys that are not used any more, miniature hats

Choosing The Tree
The Christmas Tree need not be huge to look divine and sparkling. It has to be appropriate. The too large Christmas Tree may look good in a palatial hall with a high ceiling but may leave smaller space to walk around

Garland Tips
Garlands look beautiful on Christmas tree. Here are some tips on how to place your garlands beautifully on the Christmas tree:

Christmas Tree Care
Getting a Christmas tree to home is the easiest part of the task. Even decorating the tree is not very difficult. The most complicated task is to maintain the Christmas tree and take good care of it.

Christmas Tree Decoration
Very little time is left before the Christmas Eve and you are still left with so many preparations. You haven't purchased your new dress, some gifts are still pending and though you have purchased the Christmas tree

Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration
It is Christmas and also the time for Christmas tree decoration. This Christmas, be a little different. Instead of going to the market and buying the ornaments available in the shops

Christmas Tree Legends
There are numerous legends associated with the Christmas tree and how it came to be associated with Christmas. As per one legend, today's version of the Christmas tree dates back to the Pagan Yule celebration.

Christmas Tree Lights
Most of us are very excited about putting lights on our Christmas tree. Christmas tree lights are infact, the most popular form of decoration. It is not very difficult to put on Christmas tree lights.

Christmas Tree Recycling
The Christmas party is over and all the guests have gone back to their homes. Now is the time for packing up all the decorations, including lights and ornaments.

Christmas Tree Skirt
You have put on Christmas tree lights, ornaments and all sorts of decorations on your tree. However, it still looks as if something is missing, but you are not able to pin down exactly what it is. Don't worry; we are here to provide an answer to your question.

Christmas Tree Fun Facts
Christmas is almost synonymous with Christmas tree and gifts. Almost all of us wait for the time we start decorating the tree and buying gifts. However, very few people know the numerous fun facts about the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating Themes
Christmas is that special time of the year when families and friends come together and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Families pray together and thank the lord for the abundance and blessings bestowed upon them. It is quite common that you fall in a pothole

Upside Down Christmas Tree
Whenever you would have noticed an upside down Christmas tree you must have thought, "What a blasphemy?" But let us tell you that this tree was in vogue during the middle ages. While there are a number of legends which are associated with the conventional Christmas tree, there is a number of lore

Christmas Tree Themes
The festive season is fast approaching and there is still a lot of shopping to be done. You just want your home to look nice and your Christmas tree to look different from that of your neighbor's. If you are quite tired with decorating the tree in the same old