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Animated decoration will serve you the best purpose this Christmas. Read on to find some tips for popular Christmas Animated decorations.

Christmas Animated Decorations

Christmas decoration is both an exciting and innovative venture. Though traditional decoration always has its own elegant look, yet trying something new is never a bad idea. In this respect, animated Christmas decoration can come to your aid. Animated decoration is a modern form adapted for Christmas celebration since 1930s. These ornaments work uses the heat and light energy emitted from the bulbs used for Christmas lighting. Some of the animated ornaments are manual in nature, which needs you to move them accordingly to get the effect. Manual animation requires you to push the button either to move the parts of the ornament or to light it up. They are commonly in the shape of gingerbread men, Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, stars, angels and other Christmas figures.

Though these are quite expensive, yet they are worth your money since they make your Christmas decoration stand out as a superb decoration. You can get the animated decoration both for your indoor as well as outdoor embellishment. You can go for the Santa Claus riding on his sleigh being pulled by reindeer or even just a simple Christmas sign that flashes in and out. We bring you some of the popular Christmas animated decoration ideas, which you can use this Christmas for creating a unique decoration.

Popular Animated Decorations For Christmas

Light Shades
Light shades are one of the most commonly used animated Christmas decorations. These consist of small paper light covers painted with Christmas scenes. These are placed above the small bulbs attached to the Christmas tree, doors, windows and any other place. A small spindle in the light shade starts spinning the moment it is heated by the light emitted by the bulb. As a result of this the whole shade spins causing the animated effect of the Christmas scene depicted on it.

Flash Ornaments
These are also used against the bulbs attached for lighting the Christmas tree, doors, window, doors, lawn plants and many others. These are hung close to the light bulbs. The ornaments have an open end, which captures the heat from the light energy emitted by the bulb. These use this energy to spin an inbuilt small metallic fan, which in turn spread light. This light creates the twinkling effect making them a treat for the eyes.

Spinning Ornaments
Spinning ornaments are hung close to the source of light. On receiving the light energy from the bulb, the hook of the ornament start spinning and in turn, the whole ornament starts rotating. This is an exquisite Christmas decoration ornament, which spreads multi-colored lights on spinning. This ornament comes in various shapes like that of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, candy canes and stars. Carousel is a popular variety of rotating ornament, which has its outer surface fitted with mirrors to reflect the light and create an enchanting sight.

Magnetic Animated Ornaments
These ornaments are typically in the shape of ice rinks or snowy hills and are structured with magnets inside the ornament. These work as per the magnetic principle of pulling the small figurines in the surrounding. When they are turned on, they will pull the small objects around to skate across the rink making your decorations enchanting.