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Add elegance and grace to your Christmas decoration this year. We bring you some handy tips to get an elegant Christmas decoration.

Elegant Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas decoration is an integral part of the Christmas celebration. There are innumerable ways to decorate your home starting from the traditional one using the glitters and ornaments to the most recent ones with animated items. An elegant decoration scores over any other type in being very simple, yet unique. There is not much use of ornaments and other accessories in elegant decoration but the end result is a fine display of artistry. It is based on the selection of some unique Christmas items and a decisive arrangement of the same. An elegant Christmas decoration needs a particular theme to base the whole embellishment process and then make the display accordingly. Check out the article to find some tips for elegant Christmas decoration ideas.

Tips For Elegant Christmas Decoration

White Theme
White is the color of refinement and stands as the standard color of Christmas. You can set white as the theme of your Christmas decoration. Spray artificial snowflakes over the Christmas tree and also on other decorations. You can use white ornaments, glittering silver candlestick holder, white flowers for your vases on the dining table and shining white star on the Christmas tree. Though white is the theme, you can produce an aesthetically rich decoration by contrasting the white background with red color. Use red flowers in between the white ones, red ribbons, and ornaments on your Christmas tree and red bows in your Christmas wreaths.

Elegant Centerpieces
Use elegant centerpieces at the main dining table, living room table and other prominent visible corners of your house. You can conveniently make many of them at home like candy rings, Christmas balls in a bowl centerpiece, miniature poinsettia pot, North Pole sign, Never melt snowman, ribbon spool Christmas candle, and many others. Antique decorative items like antique nutcrackers, vintage smokers, vintage blumenkinder abs Christmas Putz structures also make for great centerpiece items. These centerpieces have the unique capability to cast a magical spell on the entire decoration.

Victorian Theme
If you want your decoration to look different and unique, you can try the Victorian theme. The Victorian style is not only classic but also sophisticated. There are different color combinations, which are appropriate for the Victorian theme. Your accent color can be either gold or silver, which adds opulence. You can use dusty blue, feminine mauve or powder pink, light sage green or deep rich cranberry color as the main color for your decoration.

For Victorian theme, you can use lace tablecloth and a beautiful floral centerpiece. A satin, tassel ornamented runner over the mantle makes a nice backdrop for your figurines or nativity scene. Candles, as in any other theme, are always a great addition to a Victorian Christmas themed room. You can get ivory candles in pretty crystal, brass, or silver holders for a classic look. Frame the walls with the Victorian themed Christmas cards and hang a wrought iron birdcage filled with ivy and silk blossoms from the ceiling. You can also make someone to play on the Victorian instruments like the harp to give a complete look to the theme.

Vintage Christmas Decoration
Vintage Christmas decoration, though have been used since a long time, is still one of the most elegant ways of Christmas decoration. This decoration gives an ethnic look to the entire make over. You can either stick on to the traditional style or introduce some stylistic changes in the decoration method as per your choice. If you wish to go with the classical style, you can use Christmas materials like red and green Santa Claus, elf candleholder, silver candlestick etc.

However, you can be creative and think of bringing some fine changes in the traditional style without altering the basic theme. Try wooden candlesticks, silver tea set with the silver tray on the dining table and old crystal bowls as the centerpiece with candlestick and greenery. Another simple but elegant vintage decoration idea is to paint your home with white color. Hang maroon color silk curtains from the doors and windows and attach a large golden bow to these. Decorate your table with red and white roses in big size vases.

Christmas Tree Decoration
Decorating Christmas tree is one of the priority tasks during Christmas. Christmas tree is the main center of attraction in the festival and hence its decoration is highly noteworthy. If you are taking a real tree, choose the one with smaller needles. These enable simpler decoration. Use stars made of silver or any other glittering colored paper for making your Christmas tree more attractive. You can use white lights to illuminate your tree. You can hang the popcorn stringed on dental floss and the nuts wrapped in colored foil on the Christmas tree. Use other Christmas ornaments like dolls, pinecones, fairies, daisies and candies interspersed with dried flowers and ribbons. Make sure you do not use too much of ornaments as this may make the tree look over-stuffed.

Simplicity As The Code
Simplicity is the key for elegant decorations. Instead of stuffing your Christmas tree with ornaments and hanging decorative items at each and every available space, be decisive in choosing the right place. Place the most precious and attractive decorations at the focal point so that these are not missed by your spectator. You can place the small items under the glass to get the transparency. You can even focus the main attractions with the spotlight.

Other Tips
  • Use potted plants, poinsettias and topiaries and to decorate your stairs and living room.
  • Glass and crystal ornaments are splendid items for creating an elegant and graceful decoration. These ornaments are available in diverse forms like crystal icicles, silver or gold glass balls, glass beaded ornaments etc. Ceramic or glass centerpieces can make exquisite home decor items.
  • Christmas wreath is another option to get an elegant decoration. The evergreen leaves, holly, bells, and ribbons go well in hand to give a grand finishing to your decoration. Hang it at the prominent visible places of your house like the front gate, entrance door, mantle, lamppost, and others.