World Of Christmas
Xmas centerpieces are direct reflection of one's creativity and imagination. Given below are some simple tips on how to make inexpensive Christmas centerpieces.

Inexpensive Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas is the time of the year when every person decorates his or her home beautifully with the innumerous Christmas ornaments and tinsels. A prime attraction among all these is the centerpiece that adds volumes to the general ambience of the party and uplifts the mood of the guests and the visitors. This article deals with some quick, easy, and most important inexpensive ways to create an exquisite Christmas centerpiece.

The Evergreen And Pinecone Centerpiece

Materials Required
  • Evergreen Twigs
  • Pinecones
  • Acrylic paints
  • Cardboard plates
  • Glass candle holders
  • Pillar candles
  • Fake snow
  • This centerpiece is very easy to make and all it requires are some materials that are easily available and can even be collected from ones own backyard. Go out for a walk and hunt for some evergreen twigs and pinecones.
  • Once you get a good collection, apply a good coat of holiday colors over these branches. This can be in any glittery shades like silver and golden or you can even use traditional Christmas colors like red, white, and blue. Once coated, set them aside for some time to dry.
  • After this, get some packages of cardboard plates. Turn these plates upside down and attach the pinecones to the outer border of the plates using hot glue. This can be done in any pattern and design you want or can also be in any haphazard manner.
  • Once the pinecones are firmly attached, you can even glue the pine needles and the pine twigs to the plates.
  • Fix a glass candleholder in the middle of each of the plates and pillar candles cut to one-half of their length are inserted in these glass holders.
  • Now, to add a final touch, spray the entire plate with fake snow in order to make it look like light dusting of snow.
White Tissue Paper Centerpiece

Materials Required
  • White tissue paper
  • 5" decorated Christmas ribbons
  • Transparent tape
  • Shiny gift-wrapping paper
  • An empty box with separate lids
  • Take a square box of about 11"tall and with separate lid. Carefully wrap the box with the shiny paper securing the edges properly with tapes.
  • Next, wrap the lid in the same manner using the same shade of wrapping paper. Neatly tuck the edges under and fix the ends with the transparent tape.
  • Wrap the entire box with the Christmas ribbon. Similarly, wrap the lid with ribbon so that it appears to be connected with the ribbon on the box.
  • After this, make a large ribbon bow and attach it using the tape or hot glue to the front of the box. You can also make use of self-adhesive ribbon bow.
  • Finally, crumple some pieces of white tissue paper and place them in between the candlesticks where the centerpiece will be kept. This will give the impression of piles of snow around the package.
Ideas and tips for some other interesting and inexpensive centerpieces are given below.
  • Search your backyard for small twigs, pinecones, magnolia leaves and place them on a small tray over your mantle. You can even run small colorful lights through them if you want.
  • Wrap small boxes with silver and golden gift papers and tie a red bow to each of the boxes. Stack these boxes over a wide mouthed vase and place it over the center of your living room or on a side table. You can even add glittery ornies or a set of small pearls over the boxes.
  • Paint small twigs and tree branches with Christmas colors; place them on a large tray and use as centerpiece in any desired location of your house.
  • Place lemons, apples, berries, and nuts in a glass bowl and decorate with ribbons and other Christmas tinsels.
  • Make a mixture of cinnamon sticks, pinecones, holly, dried flowers, and greenery in a salad bowl and place this as a Christmas centerpiece in the middle of your dining table.
  • Take a large branch of an evergreen tree, spray it with silver or golden color, and add ribbons and glittery ornaments. You can keep this over the mantle or on the living room center-table.
  • Place a teddy decorated with colorful ribbons and stack it over a pile of books of Christmas stories. You can even add stars and baubles over the books.
  • Roll different types of fruits like pears, berries and apples over egg white and then over silver or golden glitter. Once coated, place them over a silver or glass dish as a centerpiece in the dining table.