World Of Christmas
Popular Christmas songs are a must for any Christmas party. Check out some great songs for Christmas holiday.

Christmas Songs

No Christmas party is complete without some nice, foot tapping numbers. After all, Christmas is the time to have fun and the best way to do that is to dance the night away. There are basically two types of Christmas songs - the ones that are used for dance parties and the ones that are sung as Christmas carols. In this article, we have covered both types of songs, along with the complete lyrics. You can play these songs in a party or even memorize the lyrics and sing them as Christmas carols. Check out the individual Christmas song as well as popular categories of songs given below.

12 Days of Christmas Lyrics
12 Days of Christmas is a famous Christmas song, sung by the famous singer, Lee Greenwood. In the following lines, we have provided the lyrics of the song 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

Christmas Morning Lyrics
Christmas Morning is a beautiful Christmas song, from the album 'The Road to Ensenada'. Given below are the lyrics of the song, which has been sung by Lovett Lyle.

Christmas Shoes Song
'Christmas Shoes' is an amazing song of the world-renowned singer, Carlisle Bob. The lyrics of this popular Christmas song have been given below.

Funny Christmas Songs
Funny Christmas songs are very much in vogue today. They are played at the Christmas parties and some of them are even sung as Christmas carols.

Kid Christmas Songs
Kids love Christmas and Christmas songs. They are always enthusiastic about singing in various Christmas parties. There are many popular Christmas songs for children that are sung joyously over the world.

Last Christmas Lyrics
Last Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas songs of the 1980s. Given below are the lyrics of the song, which has been sung by George Michael.

The Christmas Song
'The Christmas Song', sung by Torme and Wells, encompass the essence of the family Christmas. Check out the lyrics of the song given below.

Top 10 Christmas Songs
Christmas holiday is the time for celebrations, for merriment and for having fun. What better way to have fun that get together with your family and friends and have a smashing party?

Christian Christmas Songs
Every year, during the month of December, millions of homes across the globe celebrate the most awaited festival of the year, Christmas. The Christmas Day is celebrated together with our family and friends, to cherish our togetherness.

Classic Christmas Songs
Christmas songs have been recorded by both amateur and famous artists from past several decades. Perhaps there are very few international artists today, who have not sung a song on Christmas.

Country Christmas Songs
Country musicians and singers have written and sung innumerable songs on Christmas. This music genre has rocked people world over since the 40s.

Filipino Christmas Songs
Philippines has earned the reputation of being a nation that celebrates the world longest Christmas season. One can hear people singing Christmas carols as early as September and the celebration lasts till Epiphany, celebrated on first Sunday of the year.

French Christmas Songs
Christmas in France like other parts of the world is celebrated with much fervor and spirit. For the French, Christmas is a time for family and friends' reunion, attending the midnight Mass

Spanish Christmas Songs
Spanish Christmas songs or carols originated early in the Middle Ages and were a part of the Christmas celebration during these times, but it was only from 16th century onwards that they were written down

Best Christmas Songs
Christmas has always been associated with choirs singing ageless carols be it at the church or the street corner. These are songs which when performed with faith in the heart

Christmas Rock Songs
When John Lennon and Yoko Ono sung the lines to their single 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)' in December 1971, war was raging in Vietnam and the Christmas spirit of harmony

German Christmas Songs
It's time for Christmas festivity, the holiday rush is throughout, a serene calmness cascades over the world, it's time to think and echo feelings on family and friends. Let every man be jolly and let us all be merry.

Irish Christmas Songs
Christianity was first introduced to Ireland by St. Patrick in the 5th century A.D and was fervently embraced by the Irish people. Irish are mostly Catholic and celebrate Christmas with great reverence and zeal.

Italian Christmas Songs
Italy has had a long and intriguing historical association with Christianity. And the affinity is further underlined by fact that the Vatican, seat of the head of the Catholic Church, is a landlocked city state within Italy's capital Rome.

Modern Christmas Songs
Christmas is the season of joy and gaiety! The delicious smell of cookies in the air, jingling bells of church and Christmas decorations across the streets, parties sparkle the spirit of Christmas.

Pop Christmas Songs
Christmas is the season of joy and gaiety! The delicious aroma of the foods in the air, jingling bells of church, melodious carols and parties sparkle the spirit of Christmas.

Preschool Christmas Songs
Everyone would agree that some of the best days of their life are of childhood Christmases. When being good to please Santa Claus to get the perfect gift from him felt so important

Top 100 Christmas Songs
Thinking of Christmas transports you to an enchanting world of falling snowflakes gently caressing the face, of seductive aroma of delicacies and spellbinding beauty of decorations

Traditional Christmas Songs
Christmas is the time of fun and joy! The spirit of Christmas is sparkled by jingling bells of church, brightening lights on streets, mouth-watering aroma of Christmas cookies and arrival of Santa.

Vocal Christmas Songs
Holiday music to Christmas is what turkey is to Thanksgiving! You can't just have a Merry Christmas if music isn't a part of it. At churches in the form of Christmas choirs, inside homes with the whole family singing, and outside homes as Christmas

So, now you have a list covering almost all the famous Christmas songs, even the ones that are popular with kids. Just play any of these songs and rock the party.