World Of Christmas
If you think indoor Christmas decoration means bedecking the Christmas tree, then you couldn't be more wrong. Read on to know about indoor Christmas decoration.

Indoor Christmas decoration

The first image to pop in one's mind, when it comes to Christmas is probably Santa or an ornate Christmas tree. However, when it comes to decorating your home or office, it helps to have a larger idea of what is ‘Christmassy'. It's not only about the tree, whether you hang colored sparkly balls, dangle twinkle lights from every post or string candy canes on the walls, make sure the room is vibrant and cheerful as the festival itself. Instead of breaking the bank and buying expensive decoration, why not be different and opt for a more pocket friendly custom made look. Since the festival is about love and togetherness, rounding up family, friends and colleagues to help out with ideas and implementing adds to the joy of the occasion. Creativity and imagination are key components when it comes to decorating .So to help you have a tasteful elegant Christmas, here are tips to make sure the décor compliments the tree.

Ideas For Indoor Christmas Decoration

Make It Colorful
First look around the room and if you notice any drab single colored fabric, make it look festive by pinning small red bows or even little bits of mistletoe. Chairs and sofas can be decked up in simple yet festive red and green fabric and tables can look inviting with printed placemats. Plain walls can be decorated with a collage of old Christmas cards, countdown to Christmas calendars or even Christmas stockings, which also give an added incentive to receive more gifts!

This takes care of the overall look of the room, but a way to make the atmosphere more festive lies in the details. Cutouts of snowflakes pasted on windows really add to the charm of the place, but be careful to not make it too monotonous. Instead, alternate the windows with cutouts of snowflakes and probably silhouettes of Santa or reindeers. Boxes wrapped in Christmas colors can be strewn around the room and ribbons of various colors can be used to hold up cards, ornaments or even cookies.

This brings us to the centerpiece, a classy and traditional approach would be to construct the nativity scene as seen by different cultures, but if that is too much of a hassle, then make use of common items around the house, such as bowls, wine glasses, wreaths and candles. The idea is to make them look festive, for example, a bowl can be filled with pine cones lightly dusted with glitter. Wine glasses can be tied with ribbons and filled with candy canes and candles can be put inside wreaths. Lamp shades covered in wrapping paper give a beautiful cheerful glow to the place and add to the beauty.

Simple snacks such as sugar cookies can be made to look festive by adding color to the dough or just by using icing. Gingerbread men are a Christmas hot favorite, so instead of serving it in a plate, get creative and run a ribbon through them and hang them up on the Christmas tree or you could even make a wreath of them on the table. Without a doubt, it will be the main attraction for both kids and adults.

Now that the place looks it, it should also smell Christmassy. For this, put coarsely crushed cinnamon and cloves in small bowls around the room, this gives the place a warm sweet scent which just adds to the feel. Keeping all these tips in mind, you'll be ready to entertain guests with gusto. However, be careful not to overdo on the décor lest it looks tacky or overcrowded. Small packages filled with small trinkets, cookies and canes as giveaways for your guests will ensure they have a merry Christmas and will guarantee you as being the perfect host.