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Christmas greeting cards are excellent ways to decorate your house. Read on to learn some tips for decorating with Christmas greeting cards.

Decorating With Christmas Cards

If you are planning to be a little more creative this Christmas, try decorating your house with the seasonal greeting cards. Watching the beautiful Christmas cards hanging on a wall or arranged neatly over the center table will remind you of your close friends and relatives and of the time spent together. Some of these cards are so attractive that you can even use them as a tree topper. A few useful tips on how to decorate with seasonal greeting cards are given below in this article.

Tips For Decorating With Christmas Greeting Cards

Tips To Decorate A Doorway
  • One great way to decorate with Christmas cards is by framing them over the doorway, as this is one place of the house where everyone will get to see and enjoy the cards.
  • First of all, decide on the cards that you are going to use for the decoration. Once decided, look over the cards and decide which cards will look good together. This depends on the size of the cards, their color patterns etc. Christmas cards come in different patterns and shapes. As for example, there are the face cards that do not open from any side. Then again, there are cards that open only from the bottom and some other that open from the corners. You can even use the personalized cards with photos of friends and family. Team the cards that you are going to place together and decide on a design pattern.
  • Hang the cards in such a manner that they don't fall open and secure them properly to the frame using a cello tape. However, stick the inside of the cards in only one place, preferably near the corners so that they are not closed permanently. While attaching the cards to the frame, make use of a double-sided stick tape. You can even make use of a single stick tape by making a ring with the sticky portion outside.
  • You may use as many cards as you want and arrange them in any desired pattern. Start by placing the cards at the top of the doorway and take them all the way down to any preferred level. You can even frame the entire doorway if you want to. Further, you can add a beautiful Christmas bow or a large green Christmas swag or garland if you want to make the display grander and dressier.
Tips To Decorate A Door
  • One more way to display your Christmas cards is by attaching them on your front door instead of the doorframe. The front door being the major focus point in your house can be used as a display surface for the innumerous greeting cards that you have received from your close friends and family.
  • However, always keep one thing in mind while decorating the entrance door. Keep it simple and clutter free. Too many cards will look messy and so, before starting with the decorations, decide on a particular pattern or sample.
  • In case you have a metal door, you can use designer magnets to attach the cards to surface of the door. The best part is that these magnets can be used again and again every year.
  • For simple doors, you can make use of ribbons of different lengths and attach them to the back of the cards. Once attached to the cards, these ribbons can be affixed to the door surface by using thumbtacks. The one advantage of using these thumbtacks is that they will not hinder the closing of the door when pushed all the way in.
Tips To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets
  • In a similar manner you can decorate your kitchen cabinets by using seasonal greeting cards. However, the number of cards required will be less as the cabinet doors will be smaller in size than the entrance door or the doorframe.
  • Using the same thumbtacks, you can fix the cards to the backside of the cabinets. While attaching with the ribbons, you can also add more than one card to each ribbon but make sure that it does not look untidy and cluttered up.
Tips To Decorate A Window
  • All you will need for this are some Christmas cards, scissors, thumbtacks, punchers, some pushpins and a few cords or ribbons.
  • Start by measuring the length of your window by using a measuring tape. Then cut pieces of ribbons or cords to about half of this length.
  • Next, fix these ribbons to the thumbtacks or pushpins and suspend them from the top of the window frame. In the process, you can experiment with different color patterns and designs like alternating a row of red ribbons with a row of white ones.
  • Now, punch the top of each of these cards and tie them to the ribbons. Continue tying the cards until your entire window is filled with a colorful array of Christmas cards of different size and shapes.
Apart from the areas mentioned above, you can also try out new decorating areas like along the staircase, over the mantle, around the Christmas tree etc. You can even crisscross the entire party room using decorating ropes and cords by running them parallel to the ceiling and placing all your seasonal cards over them.