World Of Christmas
Cranberries give a new look and add color to the candle centerpieces. Here is one of our easiest centerpiece ideas for you to use.

Candle & Cranberries Centerpiece

Christmas time carries an aura of bliss and happiness and the complete atmosphere is full of colors, fragrances and joviality. This is also the time to decorate your house and dining table in preparation for the Christmas feast. Creating a centerpiece, with red cranberries can add beauty to your table and it will soothe your eyes too. Use of cranberries, candles, flowers and fruits is a throwback to the 20s and 30s when Christmas decoration was done from what was available in the home along with candles, as they symbolizes the coming of winter season. While making a centerpiece, keep in mind that you are creating it for the Christmas celebration. So, try to use only those things that occur during that season along with the aroma of perfumed candles. Also make sure that the colors and themes of the centerpiece should reflect the festive nature of Christmas. Read to know more about candle & cranberries centerpiece ideas.

Candle Centerpieces Ideas
  • Take a big glass platter, fill it with water and float some artificial cranberries and then put 3-4 floating leaf candles. Decorate the space around the platter with flower petals or colorful balls.
  • Take a square glass candleholder with a wooden base, fill it with water and mix edible red color to get the perfect light red color. After this, float fresh and artificial cranberries and place scented floating candles in the candleholder. This will add a certain charm to the table and also to the celebration.
  • Take a large champagne bowl,wrap it with a lovely white organza cloth and put tassel tie on it. Fill the bowl with water and float artificial cranberries in it. Now put some scented floating flower candles in the bowl and here is your beautiful cranberries candle centerpiece.
  • Take a large cylindrical glass candleholder,put some artificial or fresh cranberries and rose-petals and fill it with water. Now place one rose shaped floating and perfumed candle in the center and your centerpiece is ready.
  • Take a crackle glass pedestal vase candleholder, put crushed decorative glass and add some artificial cranberries in it. Now place a metallic Christmas candle inside it. Outside the vase put a red candle ring which can add more beauty to this centerpiece.
  • Take a large glass platter, put a white cellophane sheet and fill the tray with fresh cranberries. Place green leaves under the platter and aromatic votive candles around it. Decorate the space between the candles and platter with flower petals or fall leaves.
  • Place votive candelabras with scented candles and around this put a wreath made of cranberries and green or fall leaves. You can make it look more attractive by keeping a mini Christmas tree besides the candelabras and decorate it with red and golden balls, ribbons, etc.
  • Take a glass wedge candleholder and place it on a round mirror. Place a weathered red pillar candle in it. Then, decorate the mirror with fresh cranberries. This will give the centerpiece a simple and elegant look.
  • Take a glass square vase candleholder, tie silver and red ribbons around it and fill it with artificial cranberries and place a silver pillar candle inside it. This simple yet attractive centerpiece may bring lots of compliments.
  • Take a glass chimney candleholder and put decorative crushed glass in it. Place the red flameless pillar candle inside the chimney and now keep the frosted pine candle ring with cranberries around the chimney candleholder. Here is your lovely centerpiece.