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Poinsettias are the traditional plants of Christmas. Learn how to craft Christmas miniature poinsettia pots from the tips given below.

Christmas Poinsettia Centerpieces

Poinsettias are the most popular holiday flowers and are exquisite additions to any Christmas decorations. They come in different shades and color combinations but the favorite hues are red and white. Marbled poinsettias are also fascinating to look at and are widely used as table centerpieces during the Christmas season. A number of legends and fables have evolved around the plant associating it with the holiday season. One particular legend links the plant to a small peasant girl in Mexico who had a desire to offer a beautiful gift during a Christmas Eve service in order to favor Virgin Mary. But as the girl was very poor, she was unable to do so. Despite this, she collected a small bunch of weeds and made her way to a small chapel where she placed her offerings on the altar. The moment she did this, all the weeds burst into blooms of brilliant red poinsettias thereby, transforming her sorrows into happiness. Some interesting tips on how to craft gorgeous centerpieces using poinsettia plants are given below in this article.

How To Make An Artificial Miniature Poinsettia Pot Centerpiece

Materials Required
  • One small cardboard egg cup
  • Modeling clay or mud
  • Green tissue paper
  • Acrylic paint (golden color)
  • One red glitter chenille stem
  • One white pony bead
  • Green toothpick
  • White craft glue
  • 8" golden ribbon
  • Clean the cardboard eggcup properly and then paint it with the golden acrylic paint. After this, set it aside to dry for some time. Once fully dry, add some red glitter sand over the golden coating.
  • Then pack the cup with modeling clay to about half the entire length of the cup. Keep the borders of the cup clean while filling the clay.
  • Bend one red glitter chenille stem and twirl it about one inch down to form a petal like structure. You can also use a white chenille stem as poinsettias come in this color as well. Bend all the other chenille stems in a similar pattern so that you have 5 same sized poinsettia petals.
  • Thread one of the ends of the chenille petals through the white pony bead such that the bead remains in the middle of all the petals.
  • After this, insert one end of the green toothpick through the pony bead such that the toothpick comes at the bottom of the flower.
  • Insert the other end into the modeling clay. This green toothpick thus forms the stem of the poinsettia flower.
  • To hide the modeling clay, crush a green tissue paper and place it around the base of the flowerpot.
  • As a final touch, add a golden ribbon and attach it to the front of the pot. You can further embellish the pot by using different types of Christmas tinsels and sequins.
  • In order to make the flowerpot heavier, attach a washer to the bottom of the eggcup before adding the modeling clay.
How To Make A Miniature Snowman Poinsettia Pot

Materials Required
  • Two mud flowerpots (one" and the other " in diameter)
  • A sheet of white cardboard paper
  • Felt paper (black, purple and red color)
  • A two and a half inch miniature poinsettia
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • A black marker pen
  • Clean the flowerpots thoroughly and paint them with white acrylic paint. Then keep them aside to dry for some time.
  • Once the pots are completely dry, place the smaller pot on top of the other. Fix the pots by using the hot glue gun and hot glue. The smaller pot forms the mouth of the snowman while the larger one is the body.
  • After this, using a black marker pen, paint the eyes of the snowman on the smaller pot. Further, paint 5 dots to form a smiling face.
  • Using the white cardboard paper and the red felt paper, make an elongated nose and attach it in between the eyes and the nose using the hot glue gun. You can even use a transparent tape for the purpose.
  • Next using the same cardboard papers and purple felt sheets, make buttons for the snowman and attach it using the hot glue to the bottom flowerpot. For a scarf, you can use a purple ribbon and tie it around the neck of the snowman.
  • For the hat of the snowman, make a circle by using the black felt papers, attach the poinsettia stems to this circle, and then glue it to the top of the smaller pot.