World Of Christmas
There are many a flowers that are considered as Christmas flowers. They find a prominent place in almost all the Christmas flower arrangements.

Christmas Flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of the God. They brighten our lives with their colors and with their beautiful smell. Christmas is a season of decorations and you have to lighten up the whole of your home as well as your surroundings for that. You will have some beautiful decorations done with wreaths, nativity scenes, Christmas Trees, and flower arrangements. Flower arrangements are an integral part of every Christmas decoration and at Christmas, they are more unique as the arrangements will solely be with Christmas flowers. Therefore ignoring the prominence of flowers in a Christmas decoration is near to impossible. There are quite a number of flowers that are been used for Christmas decorations. They vary from poinsettia in North America to Pohutukawa in New Zealand. People celebrate Christmas with flowers that are common in their region or which they call their 'Christmas Flower'. In case your loved ones are in India, you can send flower basket to India on Christmas. Here are some flowers that are considered as Christmas flowers at different places.

Flowers For Christmas

It is a beautiful, red, star-shaped flower, the blooming season of which coincides with the Christmas season. It is considered as one of the favorite flowers of Christmas. The legend of poinsettia came all the way from Mexico. According to the tale a girl named Maria and her brother Pablo were very poor and couldn't buy any gifts for Baby Jesus in the manger at church. So they took some weeds that they found on their way to the Church service and planted it all around the manger. However, miraculously the green top leaves of the weeds turned into bright red petals, and soon the manger was surrounded by beautiful star-like flowers and so we see them today. In some places, it is also said that the poinsettias symbolizes the 'Star' of Bethlehem. Known as 'Flame Leaf' or 'Flower of the Holy Night', poinsettia is a part and parcel of every Christmas decoration now.

The Christmas Rose
The Christmas rose, also called the Snow or Winter Rose, is a well known English plant which is traditionally regarded as a true Christmas flower across Europe. It blooms in the depths of winter in the mountains of Central Europe. There is a legend associated with the Christmas rose too which is related to shepherdess named Madelon. It was on a cold and wintry night when the Wise Men and the shepherds walked past her with gifts for the Christ Child. Knowing this, poor Madelon started weeping as she couldn't even find a flower to gift the Holy Child. An angel, seeing her tears, brushed away the snow revealing a most beautiful white flower tipped with pink, the Christmas rose. Thus, Christmas rose is a favorite among the Europeans.

Christmas Cactus
Also known as the 'orchid cactus' usually bloom during the Christmas season. It is a great choice for the hanging baskets as it has a pendulous stem.

The pohutukawa tree is often associated with Christmas in New Zealand. The bright red flowers that they are, blooms in December.

Ivy leaves
They symbolize eternity and resurrection. The ivy leaf has been associated with the Egyptian God, Osiris, and the Greco-Roman god, Attis. They were both resurrected from the dead.

The use of it has been dated back to the time of pagans. It is also said that the Druid priests used it much before the birth of Jesus Christ for the winter celebrations.

Cherry Blooms
It is the custom in central and northern Europe to break off a branch of a cherry tree at the beginning of the Advent and keep it in water in a warm room. The flowers will burst into bloom at Christmas time.