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Looking for some bright ideas to decorate your local church this Christmas? Read more to find some here.

Church Christmas Decoration

Christmas decoration has been an intrinsic part of Christmas celebrations. Without festive decoration, Christmas is just incomplete! Christmas decorations help in setting in the festive mood. Brightening lights, jingling bells, and glittering stars, they all remind us that Christmas is just round the corner! Christmas is that beautiful time of the year, when Church serves as the second home to people as they spend quite a bit of their festive time here. Since it is the place from where all celebrations begin, it is essential for it to be draped in the Christmas spirit. Decorations in Church begin at least two weeks prior to Christmas. In the earlier times, hollies, mistletoes, ivies and figs formed an important part of Christmas decoration. However, with time, the church decorations have gone under illustrious change. In the following pointers, we bring to you some great ideas to decorate Church and get it all set for Christmas mood.

Christmas Church Decoration Ideas
  • Most integral part of Church decoration is a nativity scene. The nativity scene is a replica of original birth site of Lord Jesus. You can choose from either a large or a small nativity scene. Generally, the scene consists of newly born baby Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph. The three wise men and a shepherd, who according to a legend travelled to just have a look of Baby Jesus, are also a part of this scene. Without manger and cribs, the scene is just incomplete! Adding Christmas decorations like small trees, Angels, the guiding star in the background enhance the beauty of the nativity scene.
  • Ever since men saw those beautiful evergreen trees shining in the moonlit sky against the perfect setting of white, the Christmas trees has been a part of Christmas celebrations. Add evergreen Christmas trees to set the Christmas spirit moving in church. The arrangement of Christmas trees in various places throughout the church such as on the entrance or on the platform or in the churchyard, will definitely serve as an attractive décor. Don’t forget to decorate the trees with lights, ornaments, tinsel or by hanging gilded apples and hundreds of red and blue tapers!
  •  Sparkling Christmas lights are perfect way to give that festive feel to the Church. Include color combination of red, green, and copper lights to denote festivity. They will be perfect for the Christmas trees. Or you can choose from a wide variety of lights available in the shape of Christmas characters like Santa, reindeers, angels etc to decorate the Church. So, it’s a great idea to decorate the Church using Christmas lights!
  • Set up candelabras. Candles are a perfect way to add that lovely ambience to the church. It’s a wonderful way to enhance church decorations by using candles. Adding small bows made by using ribbons to the candles will make them look more festive. 
  • Whether hung above a cracking fireplace or hung on the front door, Christmas wreaths announce the arrival of holiday season. They not only enhance the festive feel of the occasion but also increase the beauty of the decoration by manifolds. From the ones made with twisted grapevines to the artificial ones, there is a large variety of Christmas wreaths available during Christmas season. So, adorn the main entrance of the church by hanging beautiful Christmas wreaths.
  • Attach bows to church pews. Choose some pretty Christmas bows and stick them to some of the church pews to enhance the beauty of Church décor. Decorate with pine boughs.
  • Christmas without snow looks incomplete. So, why not plan a snow evening in the Church? Decorate the church using Christmas ornaments like snowflakes. Hang snowflake ornaments in every corner of the church to set in the festive mood. In the backdrop of snow, place a beautiful Santa Claus sleigh laden with gifts and headed by Rudolph reindeer. This will surely sparkle the Christmas spirit!
  • It’s a great idea to decorate a Church according to a particular Christmas theme. You can choose from a variety of Christmas themes to give that festive look to the church. Choose from vibrant flowers like roses or chrysanthemums or set the atmosphere rolling with melodious Christmas carols. Organizing Christmas plays or church musicals is another way of setting in the festive mood. Choosing handmade crafts to decorate the church is another popular theme. So, choose the one you like the most!