World Of Christmas
White Christmas lights are a major source of lighting for Christmas celebration. Read on to find some information about the white Christmas lights.

White Christmas Lights Decor

Christmas is celebrated with celebrated with all pomp and show using a variety of decoration. One of the main elements in Christmas decorations is the use of Christmas lightings. Though traditionally Candles were the only source of lights used, today we find a variety of electric lights available to brighten our homes. There are both the white lights as well as colored lights available in the market. White lights contribute significantly in brightening the home for the festival. Some of the most popular white lights used for the purpose ones are luminous candles, bulbs, cords, rope lighting, pole mounts and several others. In this article we endeavor to bring you some of the lighting tips which will come to your aid while decorating your home for Christmas.

White Light Christmas Decoration

Christmas candles form the undisputed major source of lighting in Christmas celebration. Since ages, candles have been lighted on Christmas as a symbol of new hope and life. Candles are available in different shapes and can be conveniently used to lighten the entire occasion.

LED Christmas Light
Light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas light is in vogue today owing to its low consumption of energy. It uses only about one tenth of the energy used by the incandescent bulbs. Besides, it is has a long life time and considerable very less maintenance. There are fewer chances of the metallic filaments to get burned out or to break as these are made from solid state materials. LED lights are available in two types - colored and white LEDs. White LEDs utilize a two-stage process to create the white light. In the first stage, the LED produces one color of white followed by some blue or violet-blue light which is absorbed by a phosphor. It creates the broad spectrum of colors which our eyes perceive as "white'.

Electric Christmas Light
Electric Christmas light came into vogue in the 19th century after the discovery of bulb. However, it became a popular household commodity only in the 20th century. Today, in every Christmas celebration electric Christmas light is an indispensable part. It is available in different shapes and sizes today.

Mini White Light
Mini white light made its first appearance in Italy in 20th century. Since then it is being used very commonly for Christmas decoration. Today, it also comes attached with the Christmas ornaments. It is developed as an economical alternative to the larger C-7 and C-9. It comes in varied schemes like blinking, fading, twinkling and chasing patterns in lights. This type of light has the advantage that the sets can be easily connected to a controller that will turn it on and off to music, or to a programmed flashing display.

C-7 and C-9 Lights
These are the most widely used Christmas lights for outdoor decoration. This operates at a power supply of 5-10 watts.C-7 bulbs are smaller than the C-9 bulbs. C-9 bulbs are mostly used for outlining buildings and other outdoor decoration. These lights are designed in such a way that if one bulb fails, it does not affect any of the surrounding lights.

Fiber Optic Light
This type of light is generally used for decorating the Christmas tree. Incandescent lamps or LEDs light are fixed at the tree base and then many optic fibers are drawn from the lamps to the ends of the tree branches.

Sparkle Ball
This is one of the most popular light sculptures, which is in the form of handmade globe. It is made by threading the Christmas lights into a sphere built of plastic cups. The cups are joined together by soldering or with cable ties.

Night Light
This light comes in diverse forms like Porcelain Holy Family Night Light, Reindeer Night Light and Santa Night Light. This is extensively used for Christmas parties.

Replacement Christmas Lights
As the name indicates, this type of lights provides for the replacement of the parts and is re-usable. The best examples of this kind of light are flicker flame light and frosted teardrop light.

Bubble Light
Bubble light is a type of incandescent novelty lights which has been gaining popularity since 1950s. Its main feature is a sealed glass tube with a colored bubbling liquid inside.

Rope Light
This light has LED lights encased in vinyl cord looking like a rope and hence it is named so. It has a good storage and installation capacity. This light is available in different shapes in the market like snowflakes, stars, palm trees and many others. This is mounted using a mounting track or mounting clips.

Novelty Christmas Light
This light brings out the holiday spirit through its spreading of white light. It comes in various fancy names like Moravian Stars, Starlight Spheres and Flower Lights.

Net Lights
This type of light is connected together in a grid arrangement. It is used to adorn the trees and shrubs in the lawn. The grid arrangement makes it easy to drape it over the plants giving the effect of equally spaced lights effortlessly. It is also used to illuminate the Christmas tree.

Animated Lights
This light generally comes in many beautiful motifs such as angels, stars, nativity scenes, reindeer and many others. This is available in both white as well as in varying colors.