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Wondering how to get those perfect Christmas Flower Centerpieces? Why not make some?

Christmas Flower Centerpieces

Flowers - with their fragrance, innocence, beauty, and colours - form the essence of Christmas. As the snowy season approaches, the beautiful blossoms of poinsettias, tulips, daisies and roses fill the world with their colours and their playfulness as if to make up for the whiteness of the snow and remind us that white snow does not convey solitude, it conveys festivity. They add warmth to their surroundings by their sheer presence. And this is precisely why flowers are indispensable as Christmas decoratives. They are used as sole decoratives or are combined with others like candles, gifts, and ribbons to make splendid centerpieces. Such centerpieces are abundantly available everywhere but the satisfaction of making them yourself cannot be overlooked. Following are some easy and creative ways to make beautiful Christmas flower centerpieces. They are bound to brighten up your spirit this festive season and gain you great compliments at the same time.

Homemade Flower Centerpieces For Christmas
  • Collect coffee and Pringles cans. Wrap them up neatly in red fabric. Tie white ribbons to each one of them around mid-height and place a Gerbera Daisies or any wide blossoming flower them.
  • Take a tall clear vase and fill it with alternating layers of whole cranberries, gold flower petals, green leaves and white flower petals. Place a few coloured marbles on the petals and pour water to rise an inch above the fillings. Now float a few poinsettias on top and arrange as desired.
  • Combining candles with flowers is always a great idea for Christmas. Take a golden platter. Place slightly damp floral foam in it and fasten it with cello-tape. Now arrange red flowers and greenery in the foam while placing required number of candle stands at the same time. Once the foam is covered in a thick floral layer, arrange some bright bauble bunches to it. Now place candles in their stands and sprinkle some glitter over the arrangement.
  • Take a circular clear vase. Spread a 1-inch layer of coloured marbles or water pebbles in it and fill it 2/3 with water. Cut a few stems off some flowers and place these in the bowl. Keep moving the flowers for the desired effect. When satisfied, place 3 floating candles in the arrangement for a royal look.
  • Take 2 same-leveled square vases of 6 and 4 inches width respectively. Fill the larger vase with water and numerous thin slices of key lime. Now fill the smaller vase with a variety of bright coloured greens and flowers and place it in the larger vase for a modern colourful effect.
  • Take a few sunflowers, tie your favourite coloured ribbons to their stems and curl these ribbons with your scissors. Place these sunflowers in a wicker basket and arrange till satisfied. Place it on your table for a bright look.
  • For the underwater look, select a tall clear vase. Cut the stems of some flowers so that the whole flower can fit into the vase. Tie a metal band or a stone at the stem’s end to hold the flower upright under water. Now carefully lower the flower in the water, stem first and fill it completely with water. This arrangement can last for a week in cool clean water. One flower per vase is usually most attractive. You can place single flower arrangements along the length of your table. Make sure you use only flowers like tulips and lilies that can survive under water.
  • Another simpler way would be to fill less than 1/4th of a conical vase with clean water. Place a bunch of white tulips in it. Tulips can grow even after they are cut so make sure you arrange them in a way that gives them a lot of space to spread.
  • Take a clear wide cylindrical vase and a combination of red roses and white lilies. Cut the stems in a way that the lilies are an inch taller than the roses. Now line the periphery of the vase with 2 layers of roses followed by a layer of lilies. Repeat the pattern till the vase is stuffed with flowers. Sprinkle some silver glitter for finishing.