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Make an everlasting candle this Christmas by recycling the old, unwanted ribbon spool. Read on to get handy tips for Christmas Ribbon Spool Candles Centerpiece.

Christmas Ribbon Spool Candles Centerpiece

Christmas is the festival of lights, which stands for the eternal win of light over darkness. The Candles symbolize The Almighty himself who illuminate the entire earth with his Supreme Glory. As per history, the first time candles illuminated during Christmas was in Rome during the festival of Saturnalia. In this festival, tall wax candles were presented to Saturn as a symbol of his light. With the passage of time, Christianity was wide spread across the globe and with it the practice of lighting the candles. Lighted candles were placed in front of the window with a conception of guiding Jesus Christ as he moved from house to house on Christmas.

Have you ever thought of having a candle, which can burn forever? Just imagine that you have a striking candle to display on your Christmas dining table with no fear of your kids getting their fingers burnt. We bring you a simple way to make such an everlasting candle in this article. This can be conveniently made by a ribbon spool which you may be having one or more lying in your home unwanted and waiting to be disposed off. Make an extraordinarily lighted Christmas this year with your majestic centerpiece at your dining table - the ribbon spool Christmas candle.

How To Make Christmas Ribbon Spool Candles Centerpiece

Materials Required
  • Large ribbon spool>
  • Foam bowl
  • 1 sheet of green felt and red felt
  • Orange and yellow felt pieces
  • Long piece of colorful ribbon
  • 3 green skinny chenille stems
  • White glittering acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Take the spool and paint its surface with white glittering paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • Cut the sheets of green and red felt into twelve small square pieces. Make sure all of them are of the same size and look exactly alike.
  • Cut the three chenille stems into four pieces each. Now you have total 12 pieces of chenille stems.
  • Push the center of the green felt with a chenille stem and gather the poked end together. Now wrap a piece of chenille stem around it. This will make a leaf like structure. Repeat the same step for all the twelve squares.
  • Turn the foam bowl upside down so that its open end faces the ground. Using a pen poke a hole on the side of the bowl which is exposed to outer view. Insert the clustered end of the green leaf into it. Once it is inserted apply some glue so that it remains intact.
  • Make another hole about an inch from the first one. This time insert a red leaf in the same way as above. Repeat the steps till all the red and green leaves are arranged on the bowl alternately.
  • Glue small jingles at the end of hanging part of each leaf. This will make the thing look more eye-catching.
  • Paste the spool to the center part of the bowl. It should look as though the spool is standing in the middle surrounded by the leaves.
  • Make a figure of a small drop on the orange, red and yellow felt. The drop size should be biggest on the red followed by the orange one; make the smallest drop on the yellow. The difference in size should not be more than half an inch. These cut-outs will make the flame for the candle.
  • Glue the orange felt piece over the red followed by yellow on the orange felt. Paste them in such a manner that each of the color is visible from behind the one which is in front.
  • Glue the flame to the top of the spool. Allow it to dry. After drying, your ribbon spool candle is ready to be kept at your dining table.
  • For additional decoration you can tie a ribbon bow at the base of the spool above the leaves. You can decide the color of the ribbon as per your taste but take care that it goes with the entire craft.