World Of Christmas
Here are some basic tips and designing principles on Christmas decoration. These thumb rules will help you to arrange a unique designer holiday decoration at almost no costs.

Christmas Designing Principles

The designing principles that have been tried and tested for years basically remain the same for room decor or holiday decoration. You have to choose a color scheme, the materials that you may use and a theme or style for Christmas first. Of course, you have to keep in mind the consistency, repetition, focal points, symmetry, color harmony and coordinating patterns while choosing your accessories. Here are some tips you may use this Christmas:
  • Choose the degree of formality and accordingly choose the decorative items to use in your party. Silver candlesticks and traditional velvet tree skirt look more formal while rustic twig hurricanes and homespun quilted tree skirt have an informal appeal.
  • Color themes should be chosen based on the things you already have and the colors in your home. Red, green and snow white colors with golden and silver accessories are some of the most commonly used colors on Christmas and lend a warmth and cheery outlook too to go with the mood of the holidays.
  • Variation in sizes of the ornaments, lights and widths of the garlands look interesting. You can put on holiday nosegays too in various sizes for the special touch.
  • Repetition of colors, themes, ribbons, ornaments, patterns, motifs and decorative items add consistency to you holiday decor. A red beaded fruit can be used on the front door wreath, stairway garland, Christmas tree and the centerpiece to gain the attention of the guests and visitors.
  • Textures should also be kept in mind while decorating and designing for Christmas holidays. Matte ornaments, shiny and sparkling glass ornaments and crystals, soft velvet tree skirts, smooth texture of the candles, glittery twigs, rough baskets and spiny pinecones, all add to the texture variation.
  • The Christmas themes usually revolve around Santa Claus, Christmas angels, Baby Jesus or even Snowman. Use your colors and decorations according to your theme to have their full effect.
  • Bring you creative instincts and imagination into play and don't hesitate to try them out.
  • Keep your decorations symmetrical such as placing candlesticks at each end of your table centerpiece and flowerpots with same height of plants on both sides of the door. It will make you Christmas decor look more balanced, precise and formal.
  • Sometimes, odd number in the arrangements looks better such as three pillar candles, five glass trees. These items should be of varying heights and levels for the right effect. You can put them in a triangular fashion too.