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This simple but elegant Christmas centerpiece is definitely an attention grabber. Given below are tips on how to create this exquisite Christmas balls in a bowl centerpiece.

Christmas Balls in a Bowl Centerpiece

Christmas is the time for enjoyment and feasting. Sumptuous meals are cooked and friends and family get together to enjoy the true spirit of the season. What will make the meal even more enjoyable is when you have a gorgeous centerpiece placed right in the middle of your dining table. A good centerpiece can add volumes to the ambience of your dining table and uplift the mood of the diners. Innumerous ways are there by which you can decorate your dining room during this festive season. One interesting way of creating a beautiful Christmas centerpiece using ball ornaments are given below.

How To Make Christmas Balls In A Bowl Centerpiece

Materials Required
  • A clear glass or a crystal bowl
  • Small ball ornaments (golden and white colored balls)
  • Medium ball ornaments (gold and white colored)
  • Decorated candles and candlesticks
  • Decorated earthen lamps (optional)
  • Fresh holly
  • A red bow or a red star garland
  • Clean the crystal or the glass bowl properly. You can also use a transparent wide mouthed vase for the purpose. If the container that you are using is opaque and deep, you can add some crumpled paper, bubble wraps or even Styrofoam shipping peanuts to the bottom and then cover them up with the balls. After cleaning, keep it aside for some time for drying.
  • After this, place the medium sized balls at the bottom of the bowl in any desired pattern. It can be in the alternate form with the golden balls alternating with the white ones or the golden balls in one group and the white ones in another.
  • After the base of the bowl is filled up with the medium sized balls, start filling in the small size balls.
  • You can even design your own color scheme by mixing different colors or by using a single color pattern for the entire decoration. Besides this, if you are looking for a traditional Christmas pattern, you can even choose red, white, and blue colored balls.
  • As a final touch, you can add a red bow or a red star garland to the bowl or the vase. You can further embellish the container by adding some holiday green like holly and mistletoe into some of the cracks.
How To Create Marbleized Christmas Balls Centerpiece

Materials Required
  • A transparent glass bowl of any desired shape
  • Clear glass Christmas balls
  • Acrylic paint
  • Beaded garland
  • Tinsels and glitters
  • Clean each of the glass balls and the decorating bowl carefully and thoroughly. After this, allow them to dry for some time.
  • It is always preferable to have 4-inch balls for the purpose. You can also use ornies of different shapes and sizes.
  • To create a marbled effect, fill each glass balls with different shades of acrylic paint (generally 2 teaspoons for each ornament) through the mouth of the container. After filling, spin the balls for some time and then allow them to dry completely.
  • Further, add embellishment by attaching different types of tinsels and other glittery materials to the balls. This beautiful centerpiece is sure to grab the attention of your guests and visitors and will add a little Christmas magic to your house this year.