World Of Christmas
Know about Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas all over the world and story of Kriss Kringle.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the most famous characters that is loved by children all over the world. He is known for giving gifts to good kids on Christmas Eve. He is also known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kriss Kringle, Santy or simply Santa. In many countries, kids, especially 'in spirit', believe Father Christmas as being real. Other names by which Father Christmas is known in other countries are:
  • Afghanistan - Baba Chaghaloo
  • Armenia - Gaghant Baba
  • Brazil - Papai Noel
  • Czech Republic - Ježíšek
  • Denmark - Julemanden
  • France and French Canada - Le Père Noël
  • Germany - Weihnachtsmann
  • Iraq and South Africa – Goosaleh
  • Ireland & Scottish Highlands - Daidí na Nollag
  • Italy - Babbo Natale
  • Portugal - Pai Natal
  • Romania - Mos Craciun
  • Spain and Mexico - Papá Noel
  • Netherlands and Belgium - Sinterklaas
Saint Nicholas or Kriss Kringle was a historical figure, believed to be the kind bishop of Turkey. He used to give presents to the needy, poor and good kids, just to make them smile. Thus, he became the subject of many folktales and mythical fantasies. With time, his image changes to the modern version of Santa Claus with a long white beard, red robes and red bonnet with white trimmings, a big round belly and a kindly cheerful smile on his face and sparkling eyes.

He is believed to live at North Pole or Lapland in Finland along with his team of elves, reindeers and his wife, Mrs. Claus. Together, they keep a record of all good children all over the world and give them the requested presents near Christmas time. They make toys, cookies and even make miracles happen for them. With time, Santa became so popular that today he is used as a promotional tool for many shopping malls and stores during Christmas time to lure kids and their families. Santa loves children who are kind and obedient to their elders.

Santa's Elves
Modern Christmas elves find their origin in the house gnomes of the Scandinavia present since the pagan times. It was believed that these gnomes guarded homes against evil and were benevolent and helpful to good people.

Good Deed Calendar
We all know that Santa keeps record of everything that kids do all over the world. He and his workers keep a track of all the good and bad deeds that children have done over the year and screen children who have been good

Letter to Santa
We all love our jolly and kindly elf known as Santa Claus. We love everything about him - from his red suit with white trimmings to his snow-white beard, his ever smiling face and twinkling eyes.

Santa Lives in Lapland!
Originally, Santa used to live in the South. But his long beard used to itch in the hot sweaty weather. Making presents at a place where it is hot day and night and you sweat constantly is not easy.

Songs For Santa
Santa Claus has caught the fancy of many poets, lyric writers and musicians for years. There are several Christmas songs and carols written on him and most of them portray him as a gentle and cheerful man with a big belly who loves kids. In 1874, Charles Kinkel was the first to compose Christmas music for Santa song known as 'Santa Claus' Galop'.

Tradition of Writing Letters
For many years, there is a popular Christmas tradition in which children write letters to Santa, mainly advocating that they have been good in the past year and giving Santa a list of wishes and request for gifts that they want to receive, such as a bicycle, video games or a Lego set.