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Decorating a Christmas party around a single theme can be really amusing and exciting. Some simple tips for Christmas theme decorations are given below.

Christmas Theme Decorations

Using a Christmas theme for a party or for decorating a house has been popular since ages and is almost regarded as a fundamental part of any Christmas decoration. It is often said that such themed decorations are merely a collection of items and ornies that ‘go together' or complement each other. A number of themes are available to choose from like the music themed Christmas party, Victorian theme, Toyland theme and frosty theme. Even the departmental stores and big shopping malls choose a theme for their Christmas decorations. In fact, every year, the Tournament of Roses President decides on a theme for the festivities on New Year's Day. Some interesting tips for Christmas theme decorations are given below in this article.

Tips For Christmas Theme Decorations
  • An appropriate Christmas theme is very important for decorating the home during the seasonal party. A number of options are available to choose from and this includes the tree themed Christmas, frosty Christmas, Victorian Christmas theme and the country themed Christmas decoration.
  • If it is the toy-land theme that you are deciding on, you can opt for teddy bears and toys of different kinds to adorn the different corners of your house. This theme is especially popular with the kids and the young children. You can even encourage them to decorate their rooms according to their own choice and interests. Among the soft toys, the favorite ones are those of Santa and Mrs Claus, Reindeers, Grinch and of fluffy snowmen.
  • The frosty Christmas theme is also very popular and is often used to create a wintery effect. This is done by adding artificial snow and glassy icicles and wreaths to the different corners of the house and especially to the Christmas tree. You can also used glass and transparent ornament to bedeck your living room and also as centerpieces. While decorating the Christmas tree for a white theme, make sure to add red ornies along with the white and transparent ones as the contrast between the two colors look very beautiful and attractive.
  • Another interesting theme that you can use for this season is a candy cane Christmas theme. This basically involves the use of two colors and that is red and white. Varieties of candy cane shaped ornies are available in the local markets and gift stores and decorating with them will make your house really stunning and eye-catching.
  • Decorating with Christmas cookies, candies, popcorns, and such other food items can also be a fascinating Xmas theme. This will be particularly good for those who love to eat and cook.
  • Another popular Christmas theme is the color theme. Commonly used colors in this theme are the traditional Christmas colors like red, pink, golden, and green.
  • However, if you want to get into the true spirit of the season, the Christmas tree theme is definitely worth giving a try. You can use a blend of both natural as well as artificial trees for the purpose and place them in any prominent corner of the house. You can also decorate these trees with different types of Christmas tree decorations and ornaments.
  • An elegant theme for decorating your house this year will be the Victorian style. This style is especially common in houses, which have furniture and decors of the ancient Victorian pattern. Such decorations generally make use of unusual color patterns like yellow and pink or purple and green in contrast to the traditional Christmas colors like red and green.
  • If you are looking for softer colors like pastels and pale teal or want to go for something more basic like brown or creme, then you can go for the Southwest Christmas theme decorations. Some common ideas used for a Southwest Christmas theme decoration are strands of dried red chilies called as Chiliristas and gourds painted with the pictures of desert plants and pueblo scenes.
  • Vintage Christmas theme is also a good option if you want to make use of all the exquisite wooden nutcrackers and smokers of your yesteryears and recreate all the glorious moments of your past. This can also be like a creative session by which you can teach your children and grandchildren how things were done in your childhood. Some popular antique ornies that you can use for the purpose are vintage smokers, nutcrackers, Blumenkinder, antique Putz structures and vintage Christmas bells.
  • A more recent addition to seasonal Christmas themes is the Inflatable theme. These inflatables are air-filled structures that come in different shapes and sizes and are very popular for ornamenting the house especially for outdoor decorations. As they are made of strong fabric like vinyl and nylon, they can withstand adverse weather conditions and so are very apt for decorating your front porch or the roof.