World Of Christmas
Christmas greenery is an age-old tradition followed religiously for every Christmas celebration. This article brings you some tips for Christmas greenery decoration.

Christmas Greenery

The tradition of Christmas greenery is an old tradition, which has been followed since ages. The popular belief associated with Christmas greenery is that a person while removing the Christmas greenery comes to meet a holly bush loaded with berries. He or she is then believed to be followed by good luck. Hanging of greeneries on Christmas is believed to ward off the evils and bring good luck and peace. The greeneries remove the stale air in the house and bring in a pleasant atmosphere. These are an integral part of Christmas celebration and also contribute to the decoration for the festival. We bring you some ideas about Christmas greenery decoration, which can help you in setting the right spirit for the season.

Popular Christmas Greenery Decorations

Christmas Tree
Christmas tree is the most prominent symbol for Christmas greenery. It occupies the prime place for the festival celebration and so it requires an exquisite decoration. You can decorate the tree with various glittering ornaments, colorful ribbons, snowflakes, stars and many others. Arrangement of lighting around the tree will give a complete illuminated effect to the tree. You can be as creative as you wish and make your own novel decorations on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Wreaths
Wreath is one of the exquisite greenery decorations used for Christmas. Christmas wreath is made of evergreen tree twigs, flowers, leaves, and sometimes fruits. You can also put some red berries and other decorative ornaments in between the greenery of the wreath to give it a grand look. It is in a shape of a ring and can be placed almost anywhere - on the mantle, the front door, wall and can be places even as a table centerpiece. The wreath hung on the entrance door is a mark of greeting the guests and infusing a festive spirit in them.

You can personalize the wreath by attaching the tag with a short Christmas message or a personal greeting. Wreath can also be hung above the fireplace to give an ethnic look. You can look for the artificial wreath if you want a long-lasting one. This type of wreath is made from the synthetic materials and can be conveniently preserved for years. Even wreath made of dried flowers and leaves is extremely popular though this needs to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Several legends are associated with the use of Holly in Christmas. The pagan Druids are supposed to be the first people to begin the tradition of considering Holly as sacred. They were extremely surprised with the unique aspect of holly plant to remain green even during winters. Since then they consider the plant as a source, which makes earth beautiful against all the weather harshes. Holly is considered as a defensive power against the evil impacts and hence is highly revered.

In Germany, holly is called as Christdorn, which stands as the symbol of Lord Christ's crown of thorns. According to history, the holly's twigs were woven into a crown and placed on Lord's head while the soldiers teased him. The holly's berries were used to be white in color but Lord's blood left these with a permanent red color. Christmas holly is very popular for decoration during Christmas. This is hung on the doors and windows and is believed to keep away wicked spell, curses, evil spirits, and lightning.

Christmas mistletoe is one of the most important Christmas symbols. The plant stands as the symbol for love and goodwill. Since ages, it has been the tradition among the people to hang the mistletoe twigs to ward off evil. Christmas mistletoe, as per the old custom, can be hung from the doorways. However, a legend associated with it says a boy and a girl has to kiss if they come under mistletoe. You can also hang it on a light fixture. You can also insert it in your Christmas wreath to find an astonishing beauty. You can add mistletoe twigs to the floral garlands and hang it on the Christmas tree. It will not only look attractive but also very much different.

Garlands are beautiful Christmas decorations, which can be made by using green twigs, flowers, and even small colorful fruits. The garlands give a great look to the décor of the room and can be hung conveniently on the wall and the Christmas tree. You can also make garlands using holly, ivy, Mountain Laurel, and mistletoe and hang them from the roof or ceiling. Artificial garlands made of green and red colored glittering papers are gaining huge popularity among the people today. This has an added advantage of staying for a longer period of time.