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This Christmas decorate your house in rustic style. Read on for some unique ideas for rustic Christmas decorations.

Rustic Christmas Decorations

This Christmas season, décor your home in rustic manner. Drift off from the regular way of decorations and try something unique like the rustic theme. One of the best places to unearth rustic Christmas décor is at arts and craft shows. The nearer you shop to Christmas, the more variety of holiday decorations you will hit upon. It is among the latest and unique home decoration ideas in vogue. Rustic decorations can include many styles like the countryside, primitive, or the cottage style. They are inexpensive and can be found in your antique storage. You can choose the color scheme, lightings, furniture, and accessories that give it a raw ambiance. You can decorate your contemporary home in rustic style this Christmas by adding carved wood items. A selection of handcrafted wood furniture, garden benches, unique gifts, star, wall décor hand sewn table covers, antler lighting, barn stars, and many more such items can be used for decorations. Listed below are few ideas to choose from.

Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas
  • Start with the Christmas tree. Decorate it with berries and pinecones. White light will work best on this Christmas tree. Add some wooden figurines under the tree. Decorate it with ornaments like moose or reindeer, which will give it a rustic touch. A star made of tin and mesh will look rustic as a tree topper.
  • You can use accessories made of wood, metal, or wrought iron for decorating your house in rustic style.
  • Hanging lanterns, antique candleholders and rustic stars made of straw are good options. Crocheted items for covers and curtains will also give a countryside ambience.
  • Use countryside berries, pinecones, and assortment of natural fruits for your dining centerpiece.
  • Make pinecone crafts or buy them, as they are inexpensive and readily available. They are easy to make and give a rustic look.
  • Make a wreath of pinecone or grapevine in accordance with your rustic Christmas theme. Use items from your storage room to give it a raw feel.
  • Use baskets in various shapes and sizes. Fill it with dried branches and your backyard roughage. Color them in earthen colors and place them in a choice of your own.
  • You can hang an old iron or aluminum bell on your backdoor or on a post in the backyard garden.
  • You can place fire pits made of iron on your deck, campground, or patio. It will not only give you warm but also the old rustic charm of countryside.
  • Poinsettias are the flowers of the season; use them as centerpieces in a metallic vase.
  • Use cushions and pillows bearing forest themes, wildlife pictures, log cabins or any other rustic images for the décor.
  • Use an antique swing made of carved wood using ropes for hanging it in the porch will give it a rustic feeling.
  • You can use antler chandeliers, lamps, moose chandeliers or elk chandeliers for your rustic lighting inside your home.