World Of Christmas
Here are some of the most popular ideas and colours used on Christmas. These Christmas color schemes look absolutely gorgeous.

Colors of Christmas

Color schemes help us to decide on our decorations more easily and effectively. Christmas color schemes should be chosen keeping in mind:
  • The color scheme of the home
  • Favorite holiday decoration
  • Color of the fabric most commonly used
  • Chosen motifs or focal points such as beaded fruits, fresh apples and cranberries and pine cones.
  • Kids Christmas parties may use colors of candy canes and tinsel.
  • Choose colors according to your party theme. Silver, white and light blue colors are appropriate for a snowflake theme.
  • You may get ideas for color schemes from beautiful wrapping papers, store Christmas displays, photo layouts published in magazines and even hues of ribbons.
  • Match your party color scheme with the interiors of your homes. Warm tones of gold and red won't go well with icy silvers and whites.
  • Keep harmony in mind. Contemporary black and silver interiors won't coordinate well with rustic trees, twig garlands and blue cloth angels.
  • Room to room transitions go well if spaces look well-coordinated by introducing repetition of colors in various ways in different rooms. Red and green color scheme can use red with green accents in the living room and green with red accents in the adjacent family room with all-green dining room and all-red kitchen. It helps to maintain continuity without being boring.
  • Colors of ribbons and bows can either be uniform or in contrasting colors throughout the Christmas holiday decoration. They can be of varying widths too - narrower ones for the candlesticks and wider ones for wreaths and garlands.
  • Colors with equal depth harmonize well with each other. Pastels such as pink, peach, butter, baby blue, lilac and mint look beautiful together.
  • Deep jewel tones such as navy, hunter and deep red make beautiful combinations.
  • Most colors work well with white, ivory and metallic tones such as brass, gold, silver, pewter and rusted iron.
  • Some of tested Christmas home decor color schemes are red and green; red and white; all-white; any color with gold, white or silver; white, blue and silver; ivory and brushed gold; sage green, ivory and pewter; bright purple, blue and green; icy blue, lilac and silver; beige, brown, golden yellows and rust; forest green, burgundy and gold; and red, yellow and blue.
  • Monochromatic color schemes may look attractive too with variation of shades. Reds, greens and blues are generally chosen for such color schemes that can be played down using white accents.
  • For monochromatic schemes, play with proportion and texture such as the size of ornaments and decorations and smooth ribbons, fluffy garlands and matte to shiny and smooth finishes.
  • In colder countries warmer tones of reds, warm yellows, and golden colors may look more beautiful while warmer countries may use snow themed and icy cool colors such as blue, lilac, silver and white. For a unique party, you may like to experiment with almost neutral color schemes too such as grays and beiges.