World Of Christmas
Making Christmas decorations at home is a very easy task. Check out how to make easy Christmas decoration.

Making Christmas Decorations

The spirit of Christmas is in the air. You want to decorate your house in the best possible way this year. However, you don't feel like using the same ornaments that everyone has decorated their homes with. The best option before you is to make Christmas decorations yourself. It is not very difficult and at the same time, gives that personal touch to the decorations. So, what are you waiting for? Start making Christmas decorations right away! If you need any help, we are here at your service. Given below are tips on 'how to make easy Christmas decoration'.
  • You can take ribbons of different colors and make small bows out of them. Now, use these bows for decorating the Christmas tree, doors, walls, fireplace and so on.
  • Paint simple Christmas patterns, like stars, bells, Santa, stockings, etc, on white tablecloth with the help of bright fabric paints. Spread this cloth on the table to give it a festive look.
  • Take a large crystal bowl and fill it with water. Now put some red rose-petals in the bowl and let them float. Keep the bowl in the center of the table or on the fireplace mantle.
  • Make long garlands with the help of flowers and wrap the garlands around the railing of the terrace or that of the staircase.
  • Take a large glass plate and paint its underside with gold craft paint. Now, let the paint dry and then, put the plate in the center of the table. Place a number of white candles on the plate, in such a way that the underside is a little bit visible.
  • You can also make cookie decorations. Before baking the cookies, make a hole towards the edge. After the cookies are fully baked, let them cool and then, string a ribbon through the hole. Now, hang these cookies from the branches of your Christmas tree.
  • Make string balls out of cotton and use them to decorate your Christmas tree.