World Of Christmas
Adorn your house with a wide range of antique decors and make the Christmas this year memorable and enchanting. A list of such decors is given below in this article.

Antique Christmas Decorations

Do you remember those vintage Christmas decorations that you had during your childhood? Do you remember how much fun you had while decorating with those exquisite wooden nutcrackers and smokers with your parents? Don't worry as this article will help you to relive and recreate those glorious moments of yesteryears. This can also be like a creative session by which you can teach your children and grandchildren how things were done during your childhood. Most of these ancient ornies were handmade and reflected the artistic skills and creativity of the craftsmen who designed them. Owing their origin to different regions like Rome, Turkey and Germany, a number of vintage ornies have evolved throughout the ages some of which have become priceless and invaluable collections only to be found in museums. However, a good assortment of ancient Xmas decors can still be purchased from local craft shops and gift galleries. A number of online sites are also present nowadays for this purpose.

A list of some of the popular antique Christmas decors are given below in this article.

Different Vintage Decorations Of Christmas

Vintage Smokers
Smokers or smoking men are traditional Christmas decors of Germany originating during the 18th century and consists of two parts that are put on top of each other. These figures are made of wood and have an internal chamber where an incense cone is burned. An opening is made resembling a mouth through which the smoke is allowed to exit. The common themes for these German Smokers are shepherds, chimneysweepers, miners, farmers and such other traditional German occupations. It is said that during the 19th century in Germany, smoking was a common practice among the masses and a person with a pipe in his mouth was a common sight. This is believed to be the major inspiration behind the creation of the smokers.

Antique Nutcrackers
As the name suggest, a nutcracker is a device used for cracking nuts. A typical nutcracker is made of wood and is carved in the form of a king, knight, or soldier. It basically works on the Archimedes's principle of moments. Mostly painted with bright colors and patterns, a nutcracker has a big mouth like opening, where one could insert a nut and thereby crack it. The origin of these vintage German creation dates back to the 15th century A.D.

Vintage Blumenkinder
Blumenkinder in German means Flower Children and are widely used vintage Christmas decors originating in Germany. Most of the times they are figures of children but you may also come across a rabbit or a mouse Blumenkinder. Bright colors are normally used as the background like yellow, red, and white. Over this background, colored spots are added like white spots over a red background.

Antique Christmas Putz Structures
Putz, by definition, are any figures or buildings which, when displayed together narrates the Nativity scene or the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. A number of figures and structures are used while creating a Putz village but the most popular among these are the Putz sheep commonly called as the German wooly sheep or the stick leg sheep. The body of this sheep is actually made from real wool. These Putz items have been used for Christmas decorations from a long time and are often seen atop side-tables, under a Christmas tree or over the mantle.

Antique Christmas Tree Lights
The first set of electrical lights to adorn a Christmas tree was during the 18th century by one of the associates of the famous inventor Thomas Edison. However, lighted decors became popular only during the 19th century and were available in different shapes and sizes ranging from the bubble lights to the exquisite cone shaped bulbs that looked somewhat like candle flames. Even today, Christmas lights of the 1920s and 1930s are available and are collected by people who have interest in the charm of these vintage lights.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Since the middle of the 18th century, glass ornaments are being used to adorn Christmas trees. Some of the most antique Xmas ornaments of the Victorian and the Edwardian era are still found and are mostly acquired through antique dealers or by auctions.

Vintage Christmas Bells
Bells reflect the true spirit of Christmas, a reflection being rung to symbolize the birth of Jesus Christ. A wide range of vintage Christmas bells are present and can be easily purchased from a gift shop or any antique dealer. The popular varieties among these are the sleigh bells, caroling bells and similar other decorative bells of varied shapes and sizes.