World Of Christmas
Christmas party is a great opportunity to show your creativity. Try to make Christmas centerpieces' on your own. And they are simple and inexpensive.

Homemade Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaiting occasions for all. Exchanging gifts with family and friends is the tradition followed from many years. This Christmas if you are planning to arrange a Christmas party at your home and want your home to look well decorated for the party, then centerpieces will be perfect choice for your table. Centerpieces can be made at home and they definitely add a personal touch to your beautiful Christmas decoration. People spend a lot of money on purchasing Christmas centerpieces to make their home perfect. There are different types of homemade Christmas centerpiece that you can think of using to decorate your home. These centerpieces can be made in using different colors, designs and you can arrange them with scented candles, flowers etc. Attractive Christmas table centerpieces will delight your guests and make your desserts and appetizers even more fascinating. Let us take a look at few beautiful Christmas centerpieces that you can make at home with minimal investment.

Simple Homemade Christmas Centerpiece Crafts
  • Snowman centerpieces are easy to make and requires simple craft items. Use few snow balls to give snow like appearance. Take three snow balls cut their top and bottom to get flat ends. Fix these balls to each other using glue. Now decorate it with fabrics, paint and paper cut outs.
  • Take your old candle holder and polish it. Purchase candles, either scented or non-scented ones but make sure to buy drip less candles so the wax does not fall and spoil the decoration. Wrap the candle holder with craft paper and then tie bows using satin ribbon. Now place the candles inside the holder and keep it at the centre of your dinner table.
  • For making a centerpiece, collect some beautiful flowers from the garden or buy them from the market. But remember that the flowers should have long stems so that they can be placed wherever you want very easily. After collecting the flowers, just remove the leaves from the bottom portion of the stem and then place these flowers in the foam.
  • Take a small pot or similar container filled with sand or pebbles and in this put a branch of evergreen plant upright like a little tree. Pine is especially good for such an arrangement. Since its Christmas, use Christmas colors, red and green. Cover the pot with plain red wrapping paper and Use this little green table at the centre of your table.
  • You can make an easy Christmas centerpiece with candles and pebbles. Get a large transparent bowl and fill it with pebbles and stick in two or three candle in the pebbles so they are vertical and firm. You can have pebbles that you collected yourself or you can buy pebbles from a store. Green and red are best for a Christmas centerpiece but you can have any color. You can also use marbles of any color.
  • Christmas centerpiece is made with fresh poinsettias. Get three small poinsettias and put them together in the center of the table. Then get some candle holders that must be very tall so they go over the poinsettias and place them among the poinsettias in a creative way.
  • You can also keep some silver beads, a scented candle, and a few Christmas balls in a silver bowl or bucket and use it as a centerpiece.