World Of Christmas
Read about traditional Christmas symbols and related customs such as Christmas Star, which is a popular Christmas symbol.

Christmas Symbols

There are many things that became a regular part of Christmas festivities and celebrations with time. There are Christmas toys that became popular gifts for kids and Christmas ornaments that graced Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. Christmas stockings became a part of the celebrations due to the story of kindly Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, who is believed to bring toys for children who wash and hang their stockings near the fireplace. Stars of all sizes symbolize the divine Christmas Star that made its appearance when the Christ was born. Christmas angel ornaments are symbolic of divine angels while Santa Claus is symbolic of not only the kind patrons that delighted in giving gifts to the poor and the children to bring happiness to them during the Christmas season but also of the kindness and charity that are integral part of Christmas spirit.

Christmas cakes and puddings were part of the Christmas festive meals and Christmas crackers and candy canes became popular sweets that had a touch of fun and looked quite interesting to children. Christmas trees such as firs and pines and other evergreens such as holly and ivy were symbolic of long life and hope. They also add cheer to the look of the household. Holly with its red berries and ivy were fashioned into wreaths and garlands and were used to decorate the house. Tinsel, Christmas ornaments and toys were added to Christmas trees to make it look sparkling and livelier. Hanging mistletoe and kissing under it is considered to bring good luck to the household and spread the message of love all over the world. In this section, we will talk about some of the most significant Christmas symbols.

Christmas Cake & Pudding
Christmas celebrations and festivities originally had abundance of meals. The dishes usually included lots of meat that helped the people to fight cold. Pigs, calves and poultry were usual choice of meats that were smoked, pickled in stoneware jars and were buried in snow or root cellars as filets, cutlets, hams, pigs' knuckles

Christmas Crackers
Tom Smith, a baker of wedding cakes from Clerkenwell, London, invented the Christmas cracker in 1847. The events that led to these wonderful creations were quite a story. In 1940, Smith went to Paris and came across 'Bon bon', an almond sweet wrapped in paper that was twisted.

Christmas Ornaments
Glittering and sparkling, Christmas ornaments make Christmas tree look much more magical and fun. They can be added to any decoration around the house during the holiday season, can be used to give your gift wraps an interesting holiday look and can also be given as party favors to your guests.

Christmas Star
We have all heard that a divine Christmas star guided the three Magi to Christ about two thousand years ago. Astronomers have tried to calculate the time when a new star may have made appearance about the time it is believed to have shone but no such incident seems to be possible, according to their calculations.

Christmas Stocking
The prevalent custom of washing red stockings with white trim and hang them near the fireplace in anticipation that Santa will fill them with gifts is quite ancient and has been followed in many countries.

Christmas Toys
Almost all kids give in to the temptation of receiving Christmas toys as gifts in holiday season. While Barbies and toy trains remain the popular toys among the children of all ages, kids today crave for the latest gadgets in the market.