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Try an elegant frosty decoration for your home this Christmas. Read on to find some handy tips to create Christmas snow decoration.

Christmas Snow Decoration

Everyone is engaged in decorating their houses with the onset of Christmas. It is important that you select a theme for decorating your house so that it sets a particular mood to the celebration. However, the repetition of a particular theme will be dull and boring. White is the color of Christmas and what can be more exciting and novel than having the snow theme for Christmas. This year try something different with the snow decoration, which will lend a grand look to your Christmas decoration. A snow decoration sets up a white Christmas theme and the whole atmosphere is surrounded in white mist. Christmas falls in the month of December, which is the month of snow. In such a season, introduction of snow theme will add to the festive fervor.

Tips For Snow Decoration
  • You can make the artificial snow or the never-melt snow by using confetti. You can make it either by tearing a white paper into number of small pieces or use a simple whole puncher to get numerous small circular pieces of paper. Even a paper shredder can do this work as easily as anything else. You can put this artificial snow on the Christmas tree, paste on your decorations and any other desired place.
  • You can use the artificial snow, which is readily available in the market. Spray it on the Christmas tree to get the impression of a snowfall. The amount you use depends on your own personal taste. You can either give it a light dusting or can make it look like being loaded with heavy snowfall. You can also spray it over the major decorations in your home placed at different corners of the house. If you have more of these snow sprays, you can use them for the roof and stairs to get an extra effect.
  • You can also decorate the tree with clear, white, and silver ornaments, snowflakes, and glass ornament icicles to create an impression of snow. You can spray snow over the bells and then hang them from the tree or the door. The snow-laden bells are a great sight and beautify the decorations further.
  • Numerous Christmas ornaments are available which can lend an elegant frosty look to the Christmas home decor. Use white glittery fern sprays to spread snow-effect. Drape the tree with garlands or curls of white or silver ribbons. You can use white clear beads to get an additional effect. Red forms an excellent color combination with white. So, hang some deep red colored berries (natural or artificial) among the white background of the Christmas tree. You can use a white fairy or angel as the treetop.
  • Once you have set the snow theme, you can blend other decorations of the home in the same theme. Use white tablecloth and place white or silver candles to get a frosty look in the home. You can make igloos with the white gumdrops by putting these drops together in the shape of an igloo and then fastening them together with a toothpick. These igloos can be used as centerpiece items. You can also use white doves, white and silver flowers and berries, small snowmen, white glittery pinecones, silver bells and angels to further glorify the white theme.