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Bows add cuteness to the whole decorative feel. Read on to know about Christmas bow decoration.

Christmas Bow Decorations

Christmas celebrations can never be considered complete without gifts - or more aptly bow-tied glossy paper wrapped gifts. Bows add a touch of festivity to everything they cling on to. They can make the plainest things come alive with colour and the best thing is that they can be super-cheap but look super classy. If you are on a tight budget or generally feeling creative or in mood for something new then bows are just the thing for you. They can spruce up your house without too much effort and give you a break from the monotony of regular lights. You can create a truly marvelous holiday-themed décor just by tying or gluing Christmas special bows around almost anything. You can start with the regular ribbons making simple bows and then graduate to more exquisite ribbons and bows or you can also buy your favourites ready-made. Here are a few ideas you could use.

Bow Decorations For Christmas
  • Replace those fragile and boring Christmas lights with simple green and red bows. Spread them evenly and generously all over the Christmas tree and complete the tree by placing a strand of white lights on it.
  • Take a plain wheelbarrow or a basket and fill it with greenery from your tree and wrap it with a simple horizontal bow using plaid ribbon and wide sheer bendable ribbon with wire. Tie a similar sized vertical bow through the centre of the previous bow and adjust the arrangement to give it a blossomed look.
  • You can create a similar centerpiece by wrapping any ordinary lampshade with bows and tying some holly and other remains of old Christmas picks along with.
  • Wrap your houseplants with ribbon and place bows on them, either on the container or on branches, depending upon the size of the plant.
  • Make similar bows to tie around doorknobs, sconces, fireplace mantels and atop entryway mirrors.
  • Tie your home décor complimenting ribbons around curtains as tiebacks and finish up with contrasting colour bows.
  • Oversized bows work as fabulous decoratives for main doors, garage doors, and outdoor trees.
  • Mailboxes can also serve for great Christmas decorations. You can wrap it up in sheer red net ribbons with gold tapering and tie a bow on top. You can also wrap a rectangular cardboard vase-box in plain white paper, brand it as “Christmas Post” and hot glue it to your main Mailbox and then decorate it with greenery, baubles, and more bows.
  • If after your Christmas decorations, you feel that there is too much colour around you and that there is need to neutralise some of it then make a large garland of popcorns on a fishing line and use it to either make a huge white bow to tie around your tree or simply place it over the tree for a contrasting effect.
  • Tape two candies together to make a heart. Insert some fake bright green greenery at the tip so that it divides the heart from the center. Wrap a thin ribbon around the heart horizontally and make a 4-petal bow in the center. This can be an ornament or a showpiece on the table.
  • You can also add festivity to your bathroom by pinning your shower curtains with bow-wrapped unbreakable ornaments
  • Take a bunch of jingle bells and generously adorn the bunch with elaborate bows made of red-golden or blue-silver ribbons. Hang this above the fireplace.
  • You can also further embellish your bows by adding a miniature golden reindeer or Santa in the middle of a red bow. While tying bows on gift wraps, little twigs and greenery sticking out from behind elaborate bows adds finesse to the do.
  • You can tuck mistletoe and pine right beside the bow or glue it nearby to get the traditional look (mistletoe) and a sweet fragrance (pine). Tie a bow around a bunch of cinnamon sticks to make attractive room fresheners.
Above mentioned are just a handful of ways in which you can adorn your home with bows. You can devise more elaborate ways of using bows in the Christmas decorations and can also choose rather unconventional colours over the regular red and green. Whatever be the reason, a well-done bow decoration definitely gives the house a fresh edge over the tedious and monotonous lights decorations.