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Are you bored of keeping boring centerpieces on Christmas? Get creative centerpiece ideas for Christmas in this article.

Creative Christmas Centerpieces

It's December and festivities are on the peak. With Christmas and New Year approaching, the world is going crazy around you. You have your Christmas tree decorated and the presents for your friends and family are all wrapped and ready. However, something's missing. Somehow, you can't find that perfect thing for your home which will give it all a finishing touch. The one thing, which will define perfection, give you a sense of work well done and make your guests smile down at you with affection saying "You're superb." The one thing called a ‘centerpiece'. Yes, Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas centerpiece. It is the centerpiece that draws the guests' attention to your dinner table and adds a finito touch to your relentless effort at Christmas decorations. But what if you can't find the ideal piece anywhere? What if you feel that the pieces available are not good enough for you and your guests? What if you want something special and creative? What would you do? Well, you do not have many options. You may either choose to leave the urge be and buy something convincing from the market, thereby compromising on Christmas or you can go ahead and nurture that creativity by making a few of those gorgeous centerpieces at home. Read on to know creative centerpiece ideas.

Creative Centerpiece Ideas For Christmas
  • You can wrap thick candles in red & white ribbons and put a small Santa hat over it for your own wax Santa.
  • You can make some beautifully coloured candles at home using the ready-to-use candle kits available in nearby super markets.
  • Place white candles in bright tainted glassware or bright candles in white decorative glasses and then decorate the glass further with bright ribbons.
  • You can also make beautiful candle displays on the table by setting red, green, or bright blue taper or pillar candles in brass candle holders. Make sure you keep an inch space between them so that they don’t burn each other out. Now decorate the base with fresh or artificial pine garland, pinecones and cranberries for that classy and royal look.
  • Place a wide glass bowl on your table and fill it with various colored fruits like cranberries, olives, cherries etc. Now surround it with miniature Christmas trees. For a longer duration use Christmas tree balls, or artificial fruits.
  • Place a wide and tall flower vase in the center of the table. Fill the vase one-third with half cut oranges and the next one-third with sliced strawberries. Insert a few flowers and fill water. This will also add to the festive fragrance.
  • Pick firm fruits like lemons, oranges, olives, and apples. Place them in a wide clear bowl. Then garnish the bowl with pinecones and some greens like mints and other decorative grasses.
  • Display fruits around the house on gold platters. Decorate these gold platters with red ribbons and golden bows. Your guests can also nibble on them.
  • Place a crystal bowl on the table and fill it with small and medium-sized Christmas ornaments of various colours. Then arrange a garland of small lights or a silverstar garland in between these ornaments. You can also use blue and silver or red and silver as your combination.
  • You can also arrange small tree branches at the center of a table. Add a dash of greenery and colourful ribbons and decorate the whole get up with fairy lights. It will be even brighter than what they display in the super markets.
  • Decorate your room with several miniature Christmas trees and brighten them with a generous dash of fairy lights, tee lights and ribbons.
  • Alternatively, you can have a several 5 same sized miniatures and one larger miniature. Place the larger tree in the center of the table and surround it with the smaller ones. Sprinkle a generous amount of talc over the trees t give it a snowy look. Wrap the arrangement in a generous array of fairy lights and place tiny baby and human figures near the trees to give it a Jerusalem look.
  • You can also add an additional touch of festivity by placing a tea-light in a glass. Then place this glass in a bigger jar and fill it with small Christmas ornaments or marbles with the glass in the center. Then tie red and golden ribbons around the neck of the jar and see the effect.
  • You can also stack up a large array of gifts on each other and tie them up with pretty laces and ribbons. Don’t forget to top it up with a bow and bunch of baubles.
The above ways are just a few ideas of making centerpieces at home. You can get more creative and decorate your homes even better with your ideas. The best way to go about it is to involve children. This way they feel happy, stay busy and your work gets done on time.