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Christmas Decorations

With Christmas carols in the air, Christmas is a time of celebration, beauty and fun. We decorate the houses to contribute to the gaiety and festive spirit of the Christmas holidays. We use lights, colors, ornaments, wreaths, garlands, stars and the Christmas tree to add more and more loveliness to the homes. The grand and magical-looking Christmas tree is undoubtedly the highlight of these decorations. Today, people keep adding to the list with fancy lights and musical decors but the ones that are innovative and made by one's own hands and the most favorite ones too for they also bring the families and friends together as we trade ideas signifying caring and sharing. So take your cutters, papers, ornaments, glitters, ribbons and glue to carve out your best Christmas ever.

An easy home-made Christmas star can be made in a jiffy using shiny red wrapping paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, glitter and some string. Draw a huge star on the cardboard and cut it out. Make a hole on the top. Cover it with the foil or shiny wrapping paper. Paint glue in any pattern on the star and spread the glitter over it. Dust off the excess glitter, when the glue dries. Attach the string and your star is ready to be hanged anywhere you wish. Christmas wreaths made of evergreen leaves with bright red ribbon bows look beautiful too along with hollies and bells. Read this section for some great tips and ideas for your Christmas decoration.

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