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Ornamenting with birds and beads gives a new dimension to Christmas tree decorations. Given below are tips on how to decorate the Christmas tree with birds and beads.

Decorating Christmas Trees With Birds And Beads

There are innumerous ways by which you can decorate a Christmas tree. A prime symbol of the festival, the use of the Christmas tree dates back to the era of the Gaul and the Romans of Europe and the Druids of ancient England. In those days, people used to decorate their houses and public buildings with branches of evergreen plants in order to welcome the winter season. Gradually, over the years, this custom came to be adopted by the Christians as part of their Christmas celebrations and people everywhere started using evergreen trees as part of their Xmas decorations.

Commonly Christmas trees are decorated with a wide variety of Christmas ornaments like baubles, snowflake ornies, fairy lights, garlands, ribbons, and finally a tree topper which is usually a star or an angel. All these can be easily purchased from a gift store or a craft shop or can be even crafted at home using easily available materials. The commonly used varieties of trees are fir and pine.

One very interesting way of decorating the Christmas tree that will definitely leave the onlookers awestruck and breathless is by donning the tree with different types of decorating birds and beads. Very favorite among the kids are white doves hanging from the ceiling with strings of beads on their mouth. This gives the impression as if the birds are flying and decorating the tree themselves. You can also keep a bird's nest filled with beautiful small decorative eggs over a branch of the tree or near the base. You can also play a little game with this by placing the nest on some secret location on the tree and asking the kids in the house to search out the hidden eggs. Besides this, you can even hang tiny birdhouses with miniature birds from the different branches of the tree complete with embellishments like berries, holly, ivy, and mistletoe. Some very interesting tips of decorating the Christmas tree during the festival is given below in this article.

How To Decorate Christmas Trees With Birds And Beads

Materials Required
  • White or off white thread
  • Hot glue
  • Three pushpins for each bird
  • Three straight pins for each bird
  • For the purpose of hanging the birds from the ceiling, it is always preferable to use threads that are least visible like white or off-white.
  • Two strings of thread are attached to the back of each of the birds that are to be suspended and should be long enough to reach from the ceiling to the level where you want the birds to hang. The strings are cut in twice as much length as required as it is always easier to cut off the extra.
  • Wind the first thread around a straight pin with a white head and insert it at an angle near the head of the white dove. Insert the pin such a manner that the white end is towards the head of the bird and the body is tilted towards the tail of the bird. This angulation prevents the slipping of the thread when the bird is suspended.
  • Now wrap a second thread around another straight pin, insert near the tail of the bird, and tilt towards the head. Now, the end of each of these threads is wound around a clear pushpin, which in turn is attached to the ceiling. By regulating the number of turns around the pushpin, the distance of the bird from the ceiling can be adjusted.
  • Once all the four birds are suspended from the ceiling, by repositioning one of the strings, you can control the direction in which they are hanging. The pearl beads can then be added by attaching one end of the string near the mouth of the birds and the other end can be wound around a branch near the tip of the tree.
  • Besides this, tiny birdhouses can also be crafted by using hot glue, wood and some paint or can be even purchased from a local gift store or a craft house. These birdhouses can be further adorned by using mistletoe, holly, and small berries and hung by using colorful floral wires from the branches of the Christmas tree.