World Of Christmas
Decorating office is an exquisite skill, which needs a careful planning and deft handling. Read on to find some helpful tips for Christmas office decoration.

Christmas Office Decoration

Christmas is the time when you get a chance to bring merriment in your work place. As the famous proverb goes "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy", there is a need for refreshment from the daily chores of office work. What can be the better option for this than the Christmas celebration? Decorating the office for Christmas can be challenging task, as you need to impress your boss as well as your co-workers. Besides, it is not as simple as home decoration where you can do whatever pleases you. In case of office decoration, it is extremely important that you maintain the official code and decorum even when you are bringing in the fun element. It is always advisable to first decide on the theme before you plan for the office decoration. Theme helps in getting a harmony between the various decorative items used for the celebration. Once you have decided on the theme, follow the below given steps to decorate your office.

Tips For Decorating Office For Christmas

Christmas Tree Decoration
Christmas tree is the center of attraction of any Christmas celebration. Bring either a natural or an artificial Christmas tree and place it in the main entrance hall. Decorate the tree most exquisitely using the Christmas ornaments, colored balls, stars, ribbons, glittering items etc. You can also use lightings to illuminate the tree. You can either hang or place small gifts in attractive wrapping papers underneath the tree. Make sure you get the equal number of gifts as the total number of people working in the office.

Table Decoration
You can decorate the table of each of the employee with centerpieces. Centerpieces are widely available in innumerable exquisite designs in any craft store. You can also make simple elegant centerpieces in no time with the most readily things. Hurricane lamps with flower pedals sprinkled around them or filled with Christmas balls make attractive Christmas centerpieces.

If you have some antique materials, you can use them to get the most authentic centerpiece. You can make an exquisite centerpiece by putting some natural or artificial flowers in antique teapots or antique birdcages. You can even place some candles in teacups and make a glowing Christmas centerpiece. Stuffing potpourri in bowls or baskets is another great idea to make a beautiful centerpiece. You can use classic tooter blowouts, jingle bells, party streamers, sparkling Christmas confetti, and snow to sprinkle on each of the worker's desk.

Cubicle Decoration
If you have your own cubicles at your work place, all the employees can follow a common code to decorate their own cubicles. Change the family picture on your desktop with some Christmas related photos like the photos of children sitting on Santa's lap, your dog wearing Christmas antlers, your family Christmas party photo of last year, your best Christmas tree decoration, and others. You can keep a small Christmas tree well decorated at the place where you normally keep your potted plants. You can string miniature Christmas lights along the rim of the cubicle. You can line the edges of your computer and your cubicle doorway with metallic garland. The whole office with such decoration in each cubicle offers a grand sight.

Decoration Tips For Office Christmas Decoration
  • Decorate the entrance door of your office with wrapping papers, tinsel sticks, floral wreaths, Christmas swag, stars etc. You can also fix a thin line of small lights around the door to give an illuminating effect.
  • If you have some time to spare of your busy schedule, make an office snowman using the waste office papers. Shred these papers and fill them in two white pillows, one bigger from the other. Glue the small pillow on the top of the big one. Make the small pillow as the head and the big one as the body of the snowman. You can make the eyes and mouth for the head using a black marker. You can use a candy cane for the nose of the snowman. Wrap a red scarf around the neck of the snowman. Once the snowman is ready, you can place it before your front door or any other prominent place.
  • Place colorful inflatables of Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer, elves etc at the center of your office. You can also use stuffed Christmas figures and decorate them at the main entrance hall. Make sure they are not in the middle of the way and obstruct any movement.
  • Use artificial poinsettias, Christmas wreaths, Christmas garlands, and glittering hangings to turn the entire office into the Christmas celebration spirit.
  • You can also play some Christmas carols and songs in the office during the leisure time to add to the festive mood.
  • You can also make your colleagues to wear Christmas hat and cheery head boppers to set the mood of the celebration.
Guidelines For Office Decoration
  • Keep your Christmas decorations neutral. Take care that no aspect of your decoration hurt their religious sentiment.
  • Keep your decorations simple and elegant. Do not use too much of decorations as this will make whole workspace look cramped.
  • Use the ornaments, which blend with the pattern and interior decor of your office. The embellishments should be aptly fitting to the furnishings of the workstation.
  • Keep safety factors in mind when you are using lights and other electrical things for decorating your office. Besides, make sure the lights do not distract anybody from their work.
  • Discuss your plans for the decoration with your supervisor and co-workers before executing. Take the opinion of everyone at your office and make the whole endeavor a teamwork.