World Of Christmas
Decorating hotel for Christmas celebration is comparatively a tedious task than decorating one's home. Read on to get some helpful tips for Christmas hotel decoration.

Christmas Hotel Decoration

Christmas heralds the visit of a large number of guests to hotel. People are very well aware that there must be some special celebrations going in the hotels. So, they come to hotels expecting to spend some great time with their near and dear ones amid the festivity at the hotel. If you are running a hotel, you will certainly be thinking to present them a memorable Christmas celebration. Decorating a hotel is quite a difficult task as there are so many people seeing and commenting your sense of decoration. It is highly challenging to please each and every one of your guests and at the same time make them enjoy to the fullest. Considering your dilemma, we bring you some ideas to decorate your hotel for this Christmas.

Ideas For Decorating Hotel For Christmas
A well-planned theme always makes a splendid Christmas decoration. Organize the decorations at your hotel based on a particular theme. Choose a theme which you have not used earlier and then manage things in such a way that everything blends in harmony with the theme. A number of options are available like the tree themed Christmas, frosty Christmas, Victorian Christmas, toy-land theme and the country themed Christmas decoration. Tree theme can be used as the common theme with all the other themes as Christmas tree is the most important decoration for Christmas.

Tree Themed Christmas
You can organize a large size Christmas tree at the center of your main entrance hall. Place it in such a place where it can be easily seen by people standing at different parts of the hall and also to the people just stepping into the hotel. Decorate the tree with the Christmas ornaments and glittering items. Use colored stars, ribbons, shining objects and all the ornies, which go well with your tree. Lighting the Christmas tree is another great idea. You can also put one small-decorated Christmas tree in each of the guest's room to enhance the decoration for the festival.

Toy-land Theme
If you are deciding on toy theme this Christmas, you can decorate the entrance hall with various toys like that of Santa Claus, teddy bears, reindeers, and snowman. You can make use of inflatables for this purpose, which comes in various sizes and designs. Even lighted inflatables are available which have an extra appeal. You can hang some red and white balloons to add to the toy-land theme. The toy-land theme is of high attraction to the children and the teens. Even the adults get a chance to find their inner child enjoying the spirit of the festival.

Victorian Theme
If you want your decoration to look different and unique, you can try the Victorian theme for your hotel. The Victorian style is not only classic but also elegant and sophisticated. Victorian theme is based on the use of different color combinations. Dusty blue, feminine mauve, powder pink, light sage green and deep rich cranberry color are some of the popular colors used for the Victorian theme. Golden or silver color can serve as your accent color.

You can use lace tablecloth and a beautiful floral centerpiece. A satin, tassel ornamented runner over the mantle makes a nice backdrop for your figurines or nativity scene. Candles, as in any other theme, are always a great addition to a Victorian Christmas themed room. You can get ivory candles in pretty crystal, brass, or silver holders for a classic look. Frame the walls with the Victorian themed Christmas cards and hang a wrought iron birdcage filled with ivy and silk blossoms from the ceiling. You can also make someone to play on the Victorian instruments like the harp to give a complete look to the theme.

Frosty Christmas Theme
White is the color of elegance and so you can think of frosty theme for your hotel decoration. Spray the artificial snow all over the main entrance hall. You can use snowflakes, glassy icicles, wreaths, and glass and crystal centerpieces for decorations. These stuffs help in creating the frosty theme much better. While decorating the Christmas tree for white theme, make sure to add red ornies along with the white and transparent ones to create an enchanting sight of the contrasting colors.

Vintage Christmas Theme
Vintage Christmas decoration, though have been used since a long time, is still one of the most elegant ways of Christmas decoration. You can either stick on to the traditional style or introduce some stylistic changes in the decoration method as per your choice. Either of these looks ethnic and elegant. If you wish to go with the classical style, you will need such Christmas materials like red and green Santa Claus, elf candleholder, silver candlestick etc. The popular traditional ornies like vintage smokers, nutcrackers, Bluemenkinder, antique Putz structures and vintage Christmas bells makes a great option for vintage decoration.

However, you can be creative and think of bringing some fine changes in the traditional style without altering the basic theme. Try wooden candlesticks, silver tea set with the silver tray on the dining table and old crystal bowls as the centerpiece with candlestick and greenery. Decorate your tables in your hotel with red and white roses in big size vases. If your hotel is painted with white color, you can hang the maroon curtains in the doors and windows of each room to give an absolute Christmas look.