World Of Christmas
People in different parts of the world celebrate Christmas in different ways. Find Christmas decorations of Mexico in this article.

Mexican Christmas Decorations

Different cultures in the world celebrate Christmas in their own special way. Whether it's a gift giving custom or the Christmas decorations, every culture in the world has given rise to different customs of Christmas. Each country celebrates Christmas in different ways and Mexico is no exception. For the people of Mexico who are very religious in every sense, Christmas is celebrated in a very independent manner. Being strong believers of Bible and the Catholic percepts they celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ in pure religious way. They even prefer not to gift their children on the Christmas day. The presents are given six days after the New Year Day that is on the "Dia de los Santos Reyes Magos". They have a nine-day ritual performed during the Novena or the nine days preceding Christmas and this is perhaps the most symbolic of all Mexican Christmas traditions. During those nine days, the children re- enacts the holy journey made by Jesus' parents (the "Peregrinos", which means pilgrims or travelers) to Bethlehem. These children are rested at different homes during the nine days where they will sing and dance and enjoy good food. On 24th, they visit the local church and pray into the Christmas morning.

Hispanic Christmas Decorations

Nativity Scenes
Nativity scenes are very much the part and parcel of any Christmas decoration in Mexico. As Mexico is quite a religious country, you cannot avoid a crib as it always depicts the birth of Jesus in a barn along with his parents. Artisans just go on making different kinds of nativity scenes for the eve of Christmas with many things included in the scene. Some may just have Jesus and others may have the surroundings depicting the culture of Bethlehem, Shepherds and the like.

Flor De Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Flower Or Poinsettias)
Red Poinsettias or the Christmas poinsettias are another integral part of Mexican Christmas decorations. It holds a special position in the Christmas decorations there. Introduced to South Carolina in 1820's by an American ambassador, Red Poinsettias since then have been a part of Christmas decorations throughout much of the world. Because the Poinsettias bloom largely during the Christmas season and the kind of vibrant color they have, they are used extensively in Mexican Christmas decorations. It is one of the main parts of Mexican Christmas decorations because the star shaped petals symbolize the star of Bethlehem.

Christmas Ornaments
Mexican Christmas decorations also use a variety of handcrafted Mexican Christmas ornaments. And that can range anything from tin, iron to clay ornaments like Mexican tin star and tin Aztec calendar along with handmade clay Christmas balls. You can even find iron made Christmas tree for an ethnic Mexican Christmas decoration.

Mexican Christmas decorations are incomplete without pinatas. You can find them in any shapes from angels, Santa Claus, donkeys, flowers, clowns, and stars all with colored decorations. For every Mexican Christmas, decoration there will be a huge array of pinatas displayed proudly.

Christmas Tree
Mexicans also have a decorated Christmas tree arranged in their home. It can either be a part of their nativity scene or will be displayed separately. They have Christmas trees made out of tin or iron for an ethnic Mexican look.