World Of Christmas
Exterior decoration is highly important as it stands as the representation of your sense of adornment. Read on to find some handy tips for exterior Christmas decoration.

Exterior Christmas Decoration

Today, exterior Christmas decoration has evolved to be of the same priority as the interior ones. The most probable reason for this is the growing consciousness among the people about the visibility and recognition of the outside decoration. The exterior decoration not only marks your distinct style but also your sense of complete beauty. It is the exterior part of your home, which is exposed to general view, and almost every passers-by notice it. Your guests will be inevitably drawn to your Christmas party by your elegantly decorated exterior. Moreover, your perception of adornment stands out from the crowd in obtaining a harmony between the interior and exterior decoration. Considering the importance of the exterior decoration, we bring you some fundamental tips for the outside decoration.

Outdoor Decoration For Christmas

Lighting is the most convenient and impressive way of exterior decoration. There are diverse options available to decorate your exterior with lighting. You can lighten the exterior of your home with varied lights available widely. These lights will not only enhance your Christmas decoration but also add color to the exterior part of your home. You can either outline the entire house with light or just the exposed part like the door, windows, lawn, and roof. You can choose between the blinking and the non-blinking lights, mono and multi-chromatic lights. You can use LED Christmas lights for a special decoration as these give off different kind of colors and are more energy efficient than the standard electricity options. A combination of white and blue color works excellently to create a winter wonderland theme, whereas red, gold, or green lights create a traditional look.

If you are willing to create a snowy impression, use icicle-shaped white Christmas lights on the roof edge. You can make the decoration more appealing by using garland of artificial flowers or Christmas ornaments and then winding the lights around it. You can also arrange the lights in a circular fashion around the small shrubs in your garden. If you have a Christmas tree either natural or artificial placed outside your home, arrange adequate lighting around the tree to make it prominently visible and decorative. You can choose the pattern and design for the arrangement of the lights as per your liking. It can be an even arrangement in rows and columns or an irregular distribution owing to the size and importance of the place where it is put. You need to be extra careful while handling with the lights as any carelessness may result in disaster.

Christmas Inflatables
Christmas inflatables are one of the most popular exterior Christmas decorations. You get a variety of inflatables readily available in the market, which represents classic Christmas figures like Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, snow globes, snowman, nutcracker dolls, and many others. You can purchase them as per your budget and inflate using the electric pump, which comes along with the set. For exterior decoration, the nylon inflatables are the most preferable as these are resistant to the extreme temperatures. Even the popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Frosty and Charlie Brown, Donald Duck etc also make up a wonderful Christmas exterior decoration.

Garlands and Wreaths
Garlands and wreaths can be conveniently placed at the door, gate, lamppost, letterbox, and others to make an excellent exterior decoration. You can adorn the front gate fence with a pine wreath. For further decorations of the wreath, use red bow, some nuts, and a red ball ornament. You either can purchase the garlands and wreaths or can make them conveniently at home. If these are homemade, take care that they are large enough to be visible from a distance. You can even personalize these by hanging a welcome tag with Christmas wishes at the center of these.

Basic Tips For Exterior Christmas Decoration
  • Before Christmas, trim the lawn and clean off the weeds and dead leaves. A clean lawn easily arrests the attention of the visitors and makes your decoration look grand.
  • Exterior paints are likely to fade away soon owing to the exposure to the rough weather. So, re-paint your house before Christmas to go well with your decoration.
  • Clean the shutters, windows, doors, and gates and make them look new. You need to ascertain that your driveway, garage floor and sidewalks do not look unkempt and unorganized since these too form a major part of your exterior decoration. Plant plastic candy canes along the sideway and driveway and illuminate it with white Christmas lights.