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Gift wrapping papers are easy to make craft and beautiful to look at. Read on to find some useful tips to make Christmas homemade wrapping papers.

Christmas Homemade Wrapping Paper Craft

With the advent of Christmas, comes the season of exchange of gifts with the near and dear ones. There are so many gifts to be hung on the Christmas tree and also to be shared among your loved people. Now that you have shopped for the gifts, are you thinking of going to the store for buying the wrapping paper? Try making it at home this Christmas. Wrapping paper craft is not only easy but also a very interesting task. This saves your money and at the same time makes the family to come together in creating something novel and surprising. The kids specially love this craft as it boosts their creativity and allows it to fly free. The craft requires no specific rules and regulations. You can have as many patterns of wrapping papers as your unlimited thoughts. You can make wrapping papers just by applying some color paints on a newspaper or even by recycling some old used wrapping papers. We bring you some simple yet elegant ways of preparing wrapping paper at home.

How To Make Homemade Wrapping Paper For Christmas

Sponge Wrapping Paper

Materials Required
  • White Inexpensive paper
  • Poster paint (red, green and white colors)
  • Flat disposable plate
  • Sponges
  • Scissors
  • Silver glitter
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Use your scissor to cut the sponges into small various shapes. You can cut the sponge as per your creativity. The choices for the shapes are varied starting from the star, tree, leaf, berry, circles, square, triangles and many other innumerable shapes of varied sizes.
  • Pour the paint on a flat disposable plate. Here again you can use your innovative ideas. Either you can just pour a single paint or can also prepare a combination of two or more paints.
  • Mix half a teaspoon or less of the glitter, as you feel proper to the quantity of paint you have taken on the plate. Silver glitter is the most preferable in this case as it will be shining and at the same time distinct on the paints.
  • Take the papers and spread them on a cardboard and tape the edges to prevent it from folding or flying away. These papers can be easily found in the shops and usually comes in rolls.
  • Take a sponge and dip it in the paint. Wipe off the excess paint along the edge of the plate. Now stamp the sponge over the surface of the paper.
  • Repeat the above process with all the sponges and with different combination of paints.
  • Allow the paper to dry thoroughly. Once it is dry, your wrapping paper is ready to drape your gift.
Alternate Tip
  • If your kids are helping you with the wrapping paper, instead of the sponges give them a paintbrush. Allow them to paint whatever they like and you will be wondered to see the fabulous creation of those little hands.
  • You can get another design by using potato in two half. Then dip one half of the potato in the paint and press it against the paper to get the impression. This can also be a very fascinating design for your wrapping paper.
Comb Wrapping Paper

Materials Required
  • Food coloring or tempera paint (Use colors – red, green and white)
  • Liquid starch
  • Paper
  • Old Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Bowl
  • Mix food coloring or tempera paint with liquid starch in a bowl. You can either use one color or take a mixture of two or more colors. Keep stirring and make a thick paint out of it.
  • Take the cardboard and cut into small rectangular pieces of varied lengths ranging from 1 to 3 inches wide. Cut notches in the pieces. Keep the notches uniform in a particular piece and vary it to another piece. The notches can be big or small, closely placed or farther apart. Make each rectangular piece a distinct comb, different from the other combs.
  •  Spread the newspaper over the working area and lay the working paper on it. Take the paint from the bowl by a spoon and place it on the working paper.
  • With the notched end of the cardboard spread the lump of paint over the surface of paper. As you move the comb on the surface, you can see various novel designs covering your paper.
  • Let the paper dry overnight. You own hand-made wrapping paper is ready to surprise your loved ones.
Alternate Tip
  • If you have old tooth-brushes, you can use them to take the paint and spread over the paper. Make irregular spreads by running the brush abruptly over the surface and be flattered by your own creation.