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Advent Calendar is an exciting way of tracing the number of days left for Christmas. Learn in this article how to make Advent calendar paper craft.

Advent Calendar Paper Craft

Does your child love surprises? And what if the surprise is in the form of his favorite toys and chocolates? If you are wondering how to amaze your child this Christmas, we bring for you the advent calendar tips. An advent calendar is a special calendar which is used to count the number of days before the Christmas. It starts its counting from the first of December and extends till the Christmas day. These calendars are a great favourite among the children and also an answer to their eager anticipation of Christmas. It is fun to keep some small gifts hidden in the pages of the calendar. As they tear the pages every day, they discover their gift and this brings an incredible joy to them.

"Advent" is a Greek word meaning "arrival". Advents calendars came as early as the beginning of 19th century from the German Lutherans. Since then their usage has increased rapidly. Advent calendars can be made very easily at home. Making them at home will add to the joy of children as they get a chance to show their participation and creativity. It is an encouraging and engaging craft which brings the family closer. There are varieties of advent calendars, which you can make at home like cookie sheet advent calendar, tin advent calendar, advent blocks, painted calendar, and felt advent calendar. We bring forth some handy tips for making the advent calendar at home.

How To Make Homemade Advent Paper Calendar

Santa Advent Calendar

Materials Required
  • White Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Cotton balls
  • Paper sheet
  • Pencil
  • Black markers
  • Crayons or paints – red, white and pink colors
  • Craft glue
  • Draw the outline of the Santa's face on a white cardboard with a hat on his head. Cut the figure from the rest of the cardboard by using a scissor. Take care of the outline of the figure is clean and sharp edged.
  • Color the face with color and hat with red color. Mark the eyes, nose and mouth of Santa with a black marker. For the mustache take a small strip of cotton and stretch it. Now, glue it below the nose.
  • Make 24 round balls with the cotton.
  • Draw small circles on the paper and cut it out properly. Write the numbers starting from 1 to 24 on each ball.
  • Glue a number to each of the cotton ball.
  • Now glue the cotton balls with the numbers in the ascending order side by side to each other below Santa's face. Repeat the process till all the 24 cotton balls are pasted to form the beard of Santa.
  • Allow it to dry. Now the advent calendar is ready. Don't forget to tie small gifts like toffees, stickers or small toys behind each cotton ball. Your child will love them when they tear the cotton balls one after another with the passing day.
Chocolate Advent Calendar

Materials Required
  • Green art paper
  • Red paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Red or green yarn
  • 2 empty egg cartons
  • 24 wrapped chocolate candies
  • 3 red or green pipe cleaner
  • A hole punch
  • Take two empty egg carton and remove their lids. Do not throw away the lid as they can be used for some other craft.
  • Attach the two cartons together. This can be done by punching the edges of the carton and threading them together by the red or green pipe cleaner. Three holes in both the cartons will help to keep them together better.
  • Make two holes in the top of the cartons. Pass a thread through one end and bring it out through another end. Tie the knot at the back. This will serve as the hanger for the calendar.
  • Punch small holes at the edge of the each cup of the carton where the egg is placed.
  • Now paint the carton completely with red color paint. Make sure you paint all the parts of the carton. Let it dry.
  • Meanwhile, cut out small circles out of the green art paper and number them from 1 to 24 using a black marker.
  • Once the carton is dry, glue the numbers at the pointed edge of each cup of the carton where you have already punched the hole. Start with the first number in the extreme left and continue pasting towards the right. When the particular row is done, come down and repeat the process.
  • Paste small gifts in the interior of the egg carton the place where the egg sits.
  • Hang the calendar on the wall. And see your child's excitement increasing every day.