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This beautiful piece of decoration is ideal to place in any corner of your house for Christmas this season. Learn how to make baby food jar Christmas tree craft.

Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree Craft

Do you have baby food jars in your home and don't know what to do with them? There is a very exciting and creative way to use all these empty baby food jars in your house and create a dazzling Christmas tree for this season. You can, not only decorate your home this Christmas with this spectacular decoration but also can present it as a Christmas gift to your friends and family. However, the process of making this tree involves the use of sharp instruments, hot glue, and electricity and so, young children should be prevented from being a part of this project.

Crafting this tree can be, in fact, like a fun family get together when you can spend some quality time with them and enjoy the special moments of this magical season. So, are you ready to start this fun and interesting project? If yes, get the details and instructions from the tips given below in this article.

How To Make Homemade Christmas Tree With Baby Food Jars

Materials Required
  • 19 properly cleaned baby food jars
  • White glue or hot glue
  • Small and decorative Christmas lights of different colors (preferably 24 count string)
  • Hammer
  • Large pliers
  • Tin foil
  • Cardboard backing
  • Gold or silver paint (optional)
  • Christmas ribbons and other decorative items
  • Safety glass
  • Metal rasp file
  • Clean the baby food jar along with the lids and thoroughly clean it. Dry it in the sun to remove the moisture and remove the labels on the jars either by scratching it with a knife or by using a label remover.
  • Place a plank of wood over a working space and keep lid of one jar over the plank upside down. With the help of a driller, make a hole in the centre of the lid. Make sure that you wear safety glasses while doing this.
  • Similarly, drill holes in the center of each of the lid and two holes in the last lid, one at the center, and the other one just over it in order to hang the tree using a monofilament. In order to smooth any sharp edges, trim the outside of the lids using a sharp metal file.
  • After this, keep clumps of sequins and glitters, inside each jar and then close the lids. Now, place the jars in such fashion that they acquire the shape of a tree. For doing that, place the first jar with two holes and keep two jars horizontally below it in a triangular mode. Now keep three jars below it and again repeat the same process with four and five jars until the entire pattern gives the form of a tree.
  • To make the trunks of the tree, place four jars side by side just below the five jars row in a vertical manner. Now apply adhesive to the jar surface that touch each other. Press it firmly and allow it to set overnight.
  • Then insert the strings of light one by one through the holes of the tree. This can be done by placing the first two lights just above the plug. Insert  two lights first in the bottom right of the trunk, then in the top right and the top left followed by one in the bottom left corner of the tree and continuing with one light in each jar till the right of the same row. Similarly, fill all the jars in all the columns with the lights on the left side too.
  • Finally, you can secure the lids of the jars by using duct tapes. The excess wiring of the set of light can also be collected and secured using the same tape. The tree can be further decorated using ribbons and such other decorative items. However, if you intend to place this centerpiece against the window where the back will also be visible, all you need to do is place a piece of cardboard painted with metallic colors and matching with the shape of the tree to the back and tie it with a piece of red ribbon.