World Of Christmas
Here are Christmas garland ideas that will help you to decorate your home with creative Christmas garlands.

Creative Christmas Garlands

Decorate your home with garlands this holiday season. You can make creative Christmas garlands at home to decorate Christmas tree or make swags on the main door of the house. Cover the railings of the stairs or hang some of the garlands from your balcony to add festive touch to your apartment. While you can buy floral gardens, here are some interesting and novel ideas for handmade Christmas garlands:
  • If you can find long, thin and flexible vines that they can be used as natural garland for your tree. They can also run around the edges of the room to add a touch of Nature in your decor
  • If you live near woods or countryside where small pinecones are abundantly available, you can make mini-pinecone garlands for a country or cabin-themed Christmas party. Mini-pinecone garlands are also available in the markets to be used on your Christmas trees.
  • Kids will love to make garlands made from paper cutouts or folded paper decorations that are glued on a piece of twine. They can be used as streamers to decorate the doorways, edges of the room and tables. These paper decorations can be folded paper snowflakes, painted paper balls, cut out different shapes such as dolls or hearts from construction paper or cardboard and then paint them. Alternatively, you can glue family photos to make customized garlands for family Christmas parties.
  • Look through your trimmings to get creative ideas for your garlands such as upholstery trims, cording, artificial leaves or even tassels.
  • Paper strip or ribbon chains are easiest to make and can be made of any size and color. You can take help of kids to make homemade chains and use them as streamers to decorate Christmas trees of the edges of the room.
  • Strands of raffia clipped into even lengths make garlands that can be used for country-themed Christmas decor. Try this in your apartments in a busy metropolitan city and win the favor and appreciation of your guests for pennies.
  • Stringing popcorns and cranberries as garlands are traditional kids activities that will keep them busy and happy and are perfect for reviving nostalgic memories of our own childhoods.
  • Twine or ropes can be made into beautiful garlands and you can experiment with styles too. Some popular garland styles are knotted ones, twisted garlands, braided or loop twined ones.
  • Wooden beads, faux pearls and artificial cranberries make beautiful garlands. String them in different ways to make custom garlands and hang them in swags on entranceways.