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Here are ideas for Christmas Angel Ornament Crafts for kids that you can use to make Christmas Angel Ornaments this year.

Christmas Angel Ornaments

Christmas is a prominent festival of Christians, celebrated to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ all around the world. There are many age-old customs that are being followed from the olden times. Christmas tree decoration is one of them and is done with great fervor and passion everywhere. The most significant part of the tree decoration is its top angel, preferably called Christmas angel, which has been a symbol of hope and light that Christmas brings along. This Christmas, instead of buying a Christmas angel, how about making one? Crafting your own Christmas tree top angel would be great idea to add memories and joy to the holy occasion. This would not only make the occasion memorable, but also add great meaning to the holiday season. In fact, making Christmas angel ornaments is a nice idea for parents to spend constructive quality time with their young children and to decorate the Christmas tree with their imaginative and crafting skills. So, follow these easy steps to make your own personal Christmas angel ornaments.

Christmas Angel Ornament Crafts

Things You Need
  • Cardboard for making patterns,
  • Hard Fabric for making wings,
  • Paper or fabric for making body,
  • Fun Foam,
  • Paper or fabric for making clothes,
  • Glue Gun,
  • Fabric or poster paint, and
  • Fishing line.
  • Surf for 'Christmas angel pattern' on the Net and take a printout.
  • Cut out the pieces that generally include the body of the angel, wings and dress for your angel.
  • Trace the pattern twice for the front and the back on the cardboard.
  • Now, use the cardboard pattern to cut out the body, dress and wings from the paper or fabrics for those pieces.
  • Glue the pieces together using the glue gun.
  • Paint your Christmas angel in desired colors.
  • Cut the fish line to make a loop behind the Christmas angel ornament to hang it and glue it securely.