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Make great Homemade Christmas ornaments this year! Read more to learn some simple ornament crafts to enjoy with your kids.

Christmas Ornament Crafts

Do you remember those childhood days, when you helped your mother in adorning the Christmas tree? Hanging gilded apples and walnuts, hundreds of red and blue tapers on your Christmas tree and at that very top fastening a glittering star. From time immemorial, Christmas ornaments have been an intrinsic part of Christmas decorations. Without these ornaments, Christmas tree is just incomplete! They help a great deal in improving the overall appeal of the tree. Moreover, they can also be used to decorate home and setting in the festive mood. From different shapes, sizes, colors to price range, there is a wide variety of ornaments available. Make your own great Christmas ornaments this year! Homemade Christmas ornaments will surely add bright, cheery colors, and a bit of sparkle and warmth to the festive season. Here are some easy ornaments, which you can enjoy making with your kids.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Little Presents

Material Required
  • Wooden cubes
  • Festive ribbon
  • White craft glue
  • Acrylic paint in festive colors
How To Make
  • Paint each wooden cube in the desired color. Let it dry.
  • To make the cubes look more attractive, you can make polka dots on them using toothpicks dipped in paint. Let them dry.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon about 12 inches long.
  • Place a painted cube on the centre of the ribbon.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the cube Find the center of the ribbon and place a painted cube onto it.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the cube as you do for a regular present.
  • Tie the ends into a bow, and double knot the bow.
  • Take the two open ends of the ribbon and bring them up together.
  • Tie them in a knot at the top to serve as a hanger.
  • To secure the ribbon to the cube, use a few drops of white glue.
Jingle Bell Wreath

Material Required
  • Craft wire (16 gauge)
  • 12" medium ribbon
  • 12-mm jingle bells (50-60)
  • Scissors
  • 6" thin ribbon
  • Wire cutter
How To Make
  • Wrap the craft wire around a jar to bend it into a half circle.
  • Next, bend one end of the wire into a loop by twisting the wire around itself. 
  • Now, string as many jingle bells as you wish on to the wire from the end that is not looped.
  • To join together both the ends, poke the straight end of the wire through the looped end and twist several times. Thus, creating the wreath.
  • To hide the joined wire, wrap wide ribbon around it.
  • Tie ribbon into a bow and trim the excess.
  • Next, tie a piece of thin ribbon around the top of the wreath to serve as a hanger.
Snowman Christmas Ornament

Material Required
  • Craft glue
  • Frosted white ball ornaments
  • Small black pon pons
  • Green or red pon pons
  • Orange felt
  • Green or red shimmery pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
How To Make
  • Start the snowman ornament by pasting red or green pom pom on either side of white ball ornaments for earmuffs.
  • Next, stretching over your snowman head between earmuffs, measure the pipe cleaner.
  • Cut it to the required length and glue it in place. This connects the ear covers.
  • Run this pipe cleaner in front of the top of the ornament so that it's not hidden behind the silver hook.
  • Use small black pons pons to glue his eyes and mouth into place.
  • You can also use black acrylic paint instead of black pom pom. Use a small brush to dot black circles for snowman's mouth and eyes.
  • From orange felt, cut out a small carrot shaped nose.
  • Apply glue and place the nose in the center of the place.
  • Snowman ornament is ready!