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A pair of scissors, a piece of pare and some glue that is all what is required to make you a paper craftsman. Find some ideas for paper crafts

Paper Christmas Crafts

The thought of messing the whole place that you have just vacuumed and made spotless with glue sticks, threads, and ribbons can leave you annoyed all the more. It is often the materials required and the amounts of time that is required to create a craft that make you back out from making any crafts for Christmas. Though making crafts can be a lot of fun you prefer your kids to do that part for the Christmas. But there are crafts that can be made very easily and you can very well actively participate with your kids in making some beautiful crafts. You will be glad to know that some really nice crafts can be made out of simple objects found at home. A piece of paper, a pair of scissors and glue can work the magic. It is Christmas and you can join the fun of making some very interesting crafts with your children to welcome the season of love and togetherness. More than making the crafts it is how much you are going to enjoy the company of your children that really matters. Given here are two very simple easy to make paper crafts.


Material Required
  • Paper bags
  • Deep red (or another color) construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
How To Make
  • Trace two hands on construction paper. Cut them out to make the antlers.
  • For making the reindeer's head, fold the two square edges of a paper bag under.
  • You now have the shape of the reindeer's head for the puppet.
  • Glue the handprints behind the reindeer's head.
  • Cut out eyes from construction paper. Using red paper cut out and glue on a large red nose. Glue them to the reindeer's face. Draw a mouth with a marker or crayons.
  • Your paper reindeer is ready.
Paper Christmas Tree

Make a simple 3-dimensional Christmas tree from construction paper. These trees look great sitting on the mantle or on a windowsill.

Material Required
  • Green construction paper
  • Crayons, markers, glitter glue, or tempera paint
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Optional: Other colors of construction paper, glue, hole punch, stickers
How To Make
  • Fold a piece of green construction paper in half, and then cut it in half.
  • Put the two pieces together, and fold them in half again.
  • Draw half a Christmas tree opposite the fold.
  • Cut along the line so as to get two identical trees.
  • Fold the trees in half, just barely creasing the center line  
  • Cut a slit along the bottom half of the center of one tree and along the top half of the center of the other tree.
  • Slip the two trees together along the slits.
  • Using clear tape, tape the bottoms and tops together. 
  • Decorate your tree with crayons, markers, glitter glue, or tempera paint. Or you can glue on tiny construction paper decorations or use star stickers. You can cut out tiny paper balls using a hole punch.
  • Now you have a really nice 3-dimensional Christmas decoration.
  • Cut out a small construction paper star and cut a tiny slit in it. Put the star on the top of the tree and glue or tape it.
  • For a bigger tree you can start with two pieces of green construction paper, and fold them so they make a long, thin rectangle. Draw a tree opposite the fold. The rest of the instructions are the same