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Toddlers are a bundle of enthusiasm and energy. Let them be a part of your Christmas decoration with their own crafts.

Christmas Crafts For Toddlers

Hand painted Christmas cards, the little stars that you made with your hands when you were a kid, the colorful penguins that you colored, all are framed and kept well and fine like family heirlooms. Now that when you became a parent yourself, you would like the works of your toddler to be displayed proudly on the walls. Christmas is the season ripe with such opportunities. It is the time for the whole family to come together and share the joy. Decorating your home is part and parcel of your Christmas celebrations, and there is no reason for why your two year old kid shouldn't join in for the decorations. After all kids are bundle of enthusiasm and energy and keeping them busy means finding time to do other works. This energy can be channeled into making some beautiful Christmas crafts, which would keep them busy and happy. While you are at it make sure you use only non-toxic items only like non -toxic glue, washable markers or crayons and avoid using sharp objects as well for safety reasons. Given here are Christmas crafts for tots.

Christmas Crafts Ideas For Tots

Paper Snowman

Materials Required:
  • Paper
  • Buttons sparkles, sequins
  • Glue
  • Crayons
How To Make:
  • Help your kid make three circles from the paper. The circle intended to be used as base should be biggest, the middle part should be smaller than the base, and the head should be smallest.
  • Cut the circle out from the paper and stick it with the help of glue as that of a snowman.
  • Paste button sequins in place of eyes and then let your kid color or paste ribbons for his/her snowman's scarf, hat.  
Handprint Wreath

Materials Required
  • Green and red construction paper
  • Stickers
  • Small ornaments like stars, sequins
  • Crayons
  • Water color
How To Make
  • You can use the colored construction paper to trace out the kid's handprints. Or to make things fun you can use fabric colors to dip your kid's hand in it and to trace on a white chart paper.
  • After taking at least ten such trace-outs of his hand, place them in a circle. Let your kid glue the hand trace-outs in a circular fashion. The fingers should be facing out so as to look like a wreath. Let it dry.
  • Once dry let your child loose to decorate it with stickers and other ornaments that you have. You can even fit in a photo of your kid in a Santa clause wear in the middle.
Paper Chain

Materials Required
  • Assortment of colored construction paper
  • Glue
How To Make
  • Before your child starts, you can provide him/her with paper strips long enough to make rings.
  • Demonstrate him/her how to glue it on one side of the paper and fold over the other end making a ring.
  • Let him/her insert the other paper strip through the ring and then paste it.
  • You can use these paper rings to decorate your Christmas tree.