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White Snowman

Celebrated by hundreds of millions of people across the globe every year, Christmas comes on December 25th marking the birthday of Holy Jesus Christ. The whole environment during this festive occasion is filled with fun, glory, grandeur, and opulence. Exchanging Christmas cards and gifts, preparing traditional meals, and decorating houses with Christmas tree, nativity scenes, lights, garlands, and candies are some of the various customs followed on this holiday. Since Christmas is synonymous to winter, the fresh snow simply puts you into true festive mood. To add more joy to the occasion, almost everyone indulge in crafting snowman. But does the chilly wind scare you enough to dampen your spirits of venturing outside? How about making a snowman right in your house, instead of leaving your cozy homes and making one outdoors? Check out the following text that helps you in making a white snowman.

Things You Need:
  • 4 small rounded black pebble rocks
  • 8" Cake Board
  • Buttons for the shirt
  • Small cardboard cone
  • Felt material
  • Long sticks for arms
  • Needle and Thread
  • One large Styrofoam ball
  • One medium Styrofoam ball
  • One small Styrofoam ball
  • Pair of wiggle eyes
  • Pine cones
  • Silver glitter
  • Small artificial trees
  • Glue together small, medium and large Styrofoam balls to make a face, stomach and body of the Snowman.
  • Glue wiggle eyes to it and cardboard cone for the nose.
  • Use sticks for the arms.
  • Attach the buttons to make the shirt of the snowman using a hot glue gun
  • Glue the rocks to make your snowman smile.
  • Make a vest for the Snowman using felt material, needle and thread.
  • Glue the snowman standing onto the 8" cake board.
  • Add trees all around the snowman and some pine cones randomly.
  • Decorate these pinecones as Christmas trees and sprinkle glitter as snow over the whole scene to give the look of magical winter day.