World Of Christmas
Displaying Christmas cards can be lots of fun, especially for kids. Know how to display Christmas cards.

Displaying Christmas Cards

Every year we receive a number of cards on Christmas. We read the cards, feel happy for some time, then, store the cards in the attic and forget about them altogether. This year, be different. Take out all the cards you have received till date and use them as Christmas decoration. There are numerous places in the house for displaying Christmas cards, the door, the walls, the Christmas tree and so on. In this article, we tell you 'how to display Christmas cards'.

Tree Ornaments
Use the old as well as new Christmas cards for decorating your Christmas tree. Just follow the step given below and your Christmas ornaments will be ready for display.

Materials Required
  • Christmas Cards
  • Hole Puncher
  • Ribbons (of any color)
  • With the help of the puncher, make a hole on the top left corner of the card. Make sure that the hole does not cover any word written on the card.
  • Take around 5-6 inches of ribbon, string it through the hole and tie both the ends together.
  • Follow the same procedure with all the other cards.
  • Hang the punched and stringed cards from the branches of the Christmas tree.
Door Decoration
Christmas cards can also be used as a door decoration. Read on further to know how to go about it.

Materials Required
  • Christmas Cards
  • Stars
  • Ornaments
  • Marker
  • Make the shape of a Christmas tree on the door, with the help of a marker.
  • Now, fill in the entire sketch with the help of Christmas cards.
  • Paste the star at the top.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree with the help of ornaments like ribbon, small balls, etc.